OCZ reportedly in acquisition talks with Seagate, Micron

Gossips are distributing that OCZ is in stocks with several industry leaders about a prospective acquistion. According to Fudzilla's un-named industry resources, Seagate is a likely customer and would pay over $308.5 thousand, OCZ's Market value before the gossip was already released (Seagate is respected at over $11 million, for comparison). It's also considered that, if the cope were needled on, OCZ would remain as a brand within Seagate and it might even function as a individual organization. Micron was also known as as a prospective customer.

The news obtained vapor following a Reuters review, in which experts said a acquistion would sound right. "I'm listening to the same rumors," said Shelby Seyrafi of FBN Investments, "I can only say that after the last one fourth, when OCZ's cash situation became more complicated, they would be more willing to start a cope."

Gary Mobley of Standard Investment considers the purchase would be possible for either Seagate or Micron, observing that "Seagate has been overdue to deal with the display storage space industry and needs to protect its ageing HDD business" while "Micron would benefit from having OCZ by promoting more NAND display."

Lazard Capitcal Markets' E Recreation area also believes it's possible for Seagate to be considering the purchase, because the organization has created several goes signaling that it wants to gain grip in memory stick company. This has a latest ideal contract to create business and customer SSDs with DensBits, a generate operator manufacturer.

OCZ's stocks improved 23% Friday, including about $69 thousand to its industry value. The organization had an questionable first one fourth, publishing a $6.3 thousand loss recently. Income improved 54% to $113.6 thousand, but still dropped short of the $115.7 thousand predicted by experts and directly met OCZ's own prediction of $110 thousand to $130 thousand. The clothing held responsible supply cycle issues for increasing costs in beginning 2012, but said those issues are fixed.

OCZ and Seagate dropped to thoughts, but Fudzilla considers an statement could be created as beginning as next week.
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