6 Best Camera Phones For Perfect Shot

In modern time, when people want to carry their world with them, photographic camera performance for any mobile phone is one of the critical focus areas. Keeping this in mind, organizations too have been packaging in higher mp contacts in their mobile mobile phones and also adding lot of cool features that would create simply clicking pictures with these mobile phones simple and fun.

A lot of focus has been set in making sure that it is not only simple to catch pictures, but also simple to share them. Towards this end, organizations are offering free reasoning space and incorporation with social networking sites to create the encounter smooth. All in all, one cannot guideline out the importance of mobile phone cameras in our day-to-day life.

Here's our list of top six mobile mobile phones with the best photographic camera encounter, currently available in the market.

Nokia PureView 808
Nokia's newest Symbian system had made a big rush at the Cellular World The legislature (MWC) 2012, and appropriately so for packaging in a 41 MP indicator photographic camera with Carl Zeiss contact. The company statements that it took them a complete five years to create this technological innovation and their attempts are quite obvious from the picture quality that Nokia PureView is able to deliver. Cruising on visited pictures on this cell phone is quite windy as all one has to do is fall their handy up along the shape to the factor one desires to pay attention to.

This cell phone is also able of taking video clips in Full HD 1080p video clips at 30fps. For all those who are serious about digital cameras and want their pictures to have no fits at all, Nokia is also promoting an optionally available tripod install adaptor.

However, on the other side, there's no rush function establishing available for Nokia PureView 808 but one can catch successive injections by having down the physical shutter option.

Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S comes is another mobile phone that packages in a excellent photographic camera. The back photographic camera is 12.1MP with f2.4 aperture that helps in taking some awesome and specific injections. The mobile phone has a Exmor indicator and the quality of the pictures taken through this photographic camera is excellent.

Sony has also involved a devoted photographic camera key that gets you to the photographic camera app even when the phone is secured. There are no lags in concentrating or while using the rush function.

Sony Xperia S's back photographic camera also provides 1080p videos support. There is also front-facing 1.3 MP photographic camera on panel of Sony Xperia S, which is capable of producing movie at 720p.

Nokia N8

Till the time Nokia had not declared its much discussed PureView 808, the Nokia N8 experienced the name of being the best photographic camera mobile phone from the constant of this Finnish mobile phone massive. Though the name is no more with this mobile phone, it still creates it to our record of top six photographic camera mobile phones that are available in the marketplace.

Nokia N8 packages in a 12MP auto-focus contact with Carl Zeiss optics and xenon display. It has a 1/1.83-inch picture indicator and the pictures that are taken through this mobile phone are quite sharp. However, the display on panel is not the best one would find on a photographic camera mobile phone.

The Nokia N8 is able of producing video clips in 1280 x 720 quality at 25fps.


HTC One X comes with an 8 MP back photographic camera. There is also a devoted picture brand loaded in, which allows catch pictures at a very quick rate. On a ongoing capturing function, HTC One X is able of taking up to 4 supports per second. The mobile phone comes with a large f2.0 aperture through which one can catch awesome pictures even in low-light circumstances.

The photographic camera can catch 1080p full HD at 30fps. HTC One X also comes with a 1.3MP indicator on the top side. One of the USPs of this mobile phone is that is can catch images even while producing a movie.

New samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III also packages in an 8 MP photographic camera and the pictures taken through the same are distinct and clear. On a rush function one can catch 20 injections in one go with around 6 injections per second.

The company has included HDR function to Galaxy S III, which takes multiple injections at various visibility principles and includes them to make a single picture. This HDR function is useful in circumstances where two areas of your picture shape have different illumination circumstances.

Samsung Galaxy S III comes with 1.9MP front side photographic camera and provides a reasonable outcome.

On the video clips front side, thanks to the ultra-fast brand inside it, producing movie proved helpful as predicted, however the auto-focus is a little bit irregular. Galaxy S III also allows tap-to-focus in video clips, thus assisting you in taking even better video clips.

The only losing part is on the visual side, Universe S III only can handle a highest possible aperture of f/2.6, which is well behind than f/2.0 on HTC One X. It means, Galaxy S III will be a little bit more intense in low-lighting circumstances as as opposed to HTC One X.

The apple company iPhone 4S

Apple iPhone comes with an 8 MP photographic camera with LED display. The pictures taken through this camera have almost life like colors detail and the f/2.4 aperture further helps in simply clicking your valuable minutes.

The photographic camera can also record full HD 1080p video and get features like touch concentrate and Geo labeling.
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