New Update : Motorola Acknowledges Nexus 6 Defect and Google Nexus 6 Owners Reporting Issues With The Back Cover ‘Coming Away’ From Device

The Google Nexus 6 is certainly one of the most sought after devices of 2014. The latest offering from Google boasts great specs and coming with stock Android is always a big selling point As such the device kept continually going out of stock when it was launched. That said, we are a few months down the line since the launch and some interesting user comments are starting to come to the surface. 
Nexus 6 owners are reporting that they seem to be experiencing an issue with the back cover of the device. According to the reports, the back cover struggles to stay firmly in place and instead keeps popping off or coming away. Some users have noted that pushing it back in does nothing as the cover instantly pops back off again. Normally, one user making such comments would cause some looks, but not necessarily concerns, as it is only one user. However, it seems multiple users have been noticing this issue with the device. As such posts are popping up on Google+, some on Twitter and Reddit (source link below). Maybe it is bad batches? Well, no. The comments seem to be dating from as early as a couple of days ago and right back to the start of December. 
So what is causing the issue? Well, this seems to be the question, everyone is asking. Some users believe that it is the glue losing its potency and simply becoming unglued. In contrast, some other users are noting far more worrying issues, like the phone battery expanding which would cause the cover to also expand or pop out. What is probably equally as worrying is that some users are noting this happening to replacement units they have received to replace the original problem ones. As such, it does seem like it is a common enough problem. Of course, the clear majority of Nexus 6 owners will not have experienced this problem yet and hopefully they won’t. That said, the number of already reported cases does seem to be rising and widespread enough to suggest it is more than one or two individual instances. Are you a Nexus 6 owner? Have you noticed this issue yet? Let us know.
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