T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 810 As A Solid Competitor To The HTC 8X

Summary: T-Mobile is getting ready to launch a couple of Windows Phone 8 devices and after spending time with the Lumia 810 I believe it is actually a competitive device that should be considered.

I have been using the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Windows Phone 8X for the last few several weeks and even though my head informs me the 920 is best I keep going returning to the 8X. T-Mobile clients will soon get to choose between the Nokia 8X or Nokia Lumia 810 (the Lumia 920 is an AT&T exclusive) and after using the 810 for previous times several times it is not as apparent of a option as I once thought it would be. The 8X is definitely placed at the high end with a cost of $199.99 on other providers (T-Mobile hasn't declared costs or accessibility yet) while the Nokia Lumia 810 is a mid-range system that should be cost around $100.

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Out of the box impressions :

The Nokia Lumia 810 did not come in one of those significant, tank-like T-Mobile bins, but it is eye-catching in greyish and light red. Within you will discover the Lumia 810, USB A/C battery charger, USB wire, and some ads and primary guidelines. There is no ear mobile phones in the box and no other components. The dark protect does not assistance wi-fi asking for, but I comprehend there will be other protects with this assistance and I think the equipment collection may help get people in the entrance.

The Nokia Lumia 810 is a rather rectangle system, but it still seamless comfort thanks to the smooth contact returning protect and curved sides. The show looks fantastic and even though it has the same quality as previous times Windows Phone gadgets you can't quickly see p and I would have no problem using this system.

What's up with the Nokia Lumia 810, 820, and 822

Nokia declared the Lumia 820 and then we saw T-Mobile expose the 810 and Verizon wi-fi the 822. I invested a several times with an 822 while I was using the 810 and they are both very identical gadgets. I like the feel of the 810 in my side a bit more than the 822, but they are both strong mid-level mobile mobile phones. The 820 specifications show a VGA front side experiencing photographic camera while the 810 and 822 come with 1.2 mega-pixel front side experiencing camcorders. The 810 and 822 also have 1800 mAh battery power while the 820 is restricted to 1650 mAh.

The Lumia 810 has very identical specifications to the other Windows Phone 8 gadgets, with the show technological innovation being one of the significant variations. Lovers may actually choose the 810 due to the microSD cards slot and detachable battery power.

The front side is protected with the 4.3 inches ClearBlack AMOLED show and even though the quality is the same as all last creation Windows Phone gadgets it still looks fantastic. Nokia involved the contact level of sensitivity discovered in the Lumia 920 on the Nokia Lumia 810. There is a toggle for the level of sensitivity too in case you don't need to use safety gloves or a finger nail with the show. The ear mobile phones presenter is above the show with the front-facing photographic camera to the remaining of the presenter. T-Mobile and Nokia pictures are discovered on the higher remaining and right factors above the show. Below the explain to you will discover the Back, Start, and Search engines search control buttons.

The 3.5mm sound slot is off to the right side on the top. The amount, power, and photographic camera control buttons are all on the right, nothing is on the remaining, and the microUSB slot is on the end. The photographic camera is based on the spine with the double LED display to the remaining of the photographic camera contacts (will be on top in scenery orientation).

The returning protect is detachable and it actually includes the returning and four factors. Under the returning protect you will discover the microSIM cards slot with the microSD cards slot placed above it. The 1,800 mAh battery power is detachable.

Windows Phone 8 and Nokia software :

I protected all information of Windows Phone 8 in my other content so I won't go into all of those information here. Unnecessary to say, it is better than Windows Phone 7 and I appreciate the variations, but it continues to be to be seen what the customer will think.

This is an operator-branded system and T-Mobile contains several extra solutions and programs. As I explained in a latest content you can quickly get rid of all the bloatware (you can later add it returning in by viewing the T-Mobile area of the Windows Phone Store). The solutions that are packed on the 810 include:
  • 411 & More.
  • CallerTunes.
  • My Account.
  • Slacker Radio.
  • T-Mobile TV.
One of the advantages of purchasing a Nokia Lumia is all of the value-added solutions they provide, along with many exclusives from other designers that end up first on Nokia Lumia gadgets. You will look for the following on the Lumia 810:
  • Nokia Town Lens: Enhanced truth application.
  • Nokia Drive: Speech advised GPS routing only discovered on Lumia gadgets.
  • Nokia Maps: Included on all Windows Phone 8 gadgets and contains capability to obtain charts for off-line routing for FREE.
  • Nokia Music: Amazing free service that had me fall my Spotify registration. It's a significant advantage for the Lumia.
I use my mobile phones for routing, and having a customer I can depend upon is important. I use Search engines Maps and The apple company Maps and discover them both to work well for me. Nokia Maps has always been a preferred and their voice-guided routing is a real advantage for clients.

Windows Phone provides a new "Lens" function in the photographic camera program and Nokia provides a number of these in the Lumia 810. The Cinemagraph program allows you animate still images and is lots of fun, while the Intelligent Capture program launches five supports for each picture and then choices the best encounters to make the "perfect" taken. Surroundings allows you to catch extensive injections with the Lumia 810. Nokia informed me there will be even more photographic camera programs coming to Lumia, such as the current Lumia 900.

Before I obtained the Lumia 810 to check out I would have informed you that the apparent option on T-Mobile for Windows Phone was the Nokia 8X. The 8X is a great system and I individually would still choose it since it seems so fantastic in your side and has an outstanding show. The Nokia Lumia 810 is a strong opponent and if you look in my picture collection you can see that the photographic camera records still pictures even better than the 8X in some situations. When you look at ALL of the included Nokia program and solutions (Drive, Songs, Town Lens), along with the detachable battery power and microSD development capability you may look for the Lumia 810 is actually a better option for you. The Lumia 810 should also release at 50 percent the cost of the Nokia 8X, which may be enough for some people to consider the product.
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