New Motorola Feature Lets Users 'Test Drive' Android 4.2

Motorola is presenting a new system that lets its clients give the newest Android managing system operating-system a go before the OSes hit their mobile phones.

Called Check Generate, the system is a two-way street: users get to take the software for a test run while offering Motorola reviews before the improvements go public.

Motorola is spending now time putting the most top quality of improvements into Check Drive's fuselage as Android managing system 4.2, the newest taste of Jelly Bean, will be the first review out of the prevents.

The review is only open to a few hundred customer who sign-up for Check Generate, though Motorola hasn't launched sign-up or contribution details yet.

Not all in :

The Check Generate statement, made through the Inside Motorola blog, included another kernel of information some clients might raise an brow at.

According to the post, in an effort to provide a continually top quality experience, not all mobile phones will receive improvements advancing.

Motorola is offering a business up system for the left-out mobile phones, offering clients $100 (UK£63, AUD$95) back on a new Motorola smart phone when they business in an old one.

"So you don't have to skip out on Jelly Bean," the company confident.

Phones qualified for business up include the Atrix 2, Xprt, Titanium and Victory.

While it's a bit of a bummer to have to put down an old phone, clients can update to devices like the Android managing system Razr Maxx HD, Android managing system Razr M and Android managing system Razr HD, mobile phones that might reduce the separating doldrums.
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