Google Nexus 4 - Why I'm Saying Goodbye To Verizon

Summary: It's no secret that I'm not a big fan of Verizon. But their service in my area is unbeatable. So why is the Nexus 4 enough to make me jump ship?

 Not long ago, I decried the deficiency of excellent Android operating system mobile phones that weren't the dimension an A5 note pad. All of the so-called superphones were so big that they were a pain to use one-handed or as, well, a cellphone. The iPhone 5 is a fantastic dimension, but there are lots of factors I want to keep with Android operating system (the most considerable of which is that I simply don't like the look and feel of iOS). And, more to the point of this tale, I've been somewhat restricted in my Android operating system choices by Verizon, which has been (and remains) the only efficient service provider in my area.

It's no key that I think Verizon service smells (aside from my capability to get a few cafes of 3G in my throat of the woods). The company is slowly to help with problems, expensive with regards to both broadband/land line and mobile, and my endless information plan that was initially expected to be grandfathered permanently is coming to an end. Now it's obvious that Google newest leading Nexus cellphone, the Nexus 4, will not perform on Verizon's LTE or CDMA systems.

Not that the Nexus 4 is my perfect cellphone. It needs to cut about 3/4 of an inches off of its display dimension to get there and real 4G/LTE is great awesome when you can accessibility it. However, most People in america are used to purchasing in to carrier-sold mobile phones because it's the only way to reasonably purchase high-end mobile phone gadgets. Buying technological innovation mobile phones revealed is just agonizing (I know, everyone else on the earth does it that way, but $6-700 for a cellphone is challenging to take for a inexpensive Yankee). The Nexus 4, though, is being marketed revealed for as low as $299 for the 8GB edition. I was preparing to invest $250-$300 on my next carrier-subsidized cellphone. Verizon is looking less and less eye-catching by the second.

And the factors to dispose of Verizon and determine a way to go with the Nexus 4 just keep moving in. It looks likely that T-Mobile will allow its WiFi Contacting technological innovation and AT&T is enhancing its protection all enough time, making my Verizon lock-in less of a problem. Quad-core mobile phones stay few and far between, but if I've discovered anything from my Samsung Android Razr, it's that I can eat through as much handling power as a cellphone can toss at me. I want the kind of performance from my cellphone that I get on my Nexus 7, so I want four cores, jeeze darnit.

I also invest far too plenty of your energy and energy on my cellphone to fail around with average displays. The Nexus 4 has quality and pixel solidity that can go toe-to-toe with the iPhone 5. My cellphone is also my main photographic camera and photographic camera, both for adorable things my children do and capturing quick injections and segments for perform and the Nexus 4 has some fairly amazing photographic camera technological innovation that creates the iPhone's spectacular injections look like kid's play.

I'm tired to the tooth of getting OTA Android operating system up-dates from Verizon that are at least a creation behind. Verizon can't seem to get up-dates encouraged down in regular basis to its leading Android gadgets and I have no trust, anticipations, or clues that this is going to change. Yet Android operating system is enhancing with regards to UI in a lot with each edition. I don't want some Motorola-skinned, Verizon-bloated, obsolete edition of Android operating system. I want genuine Android operating system. The Nexus 7 performs exceptionally well mainly because it is just Android operating system - consistently modified by Google and unencumbered by bloatware and carrier/OEM rubbish. Which means I need to create a Nexus cellphone perform for me.

The last reason that I'll be snagging a Nexus 4, Verizon and its far-reaching system be darned, is surprisingly Windows 8. I've been so satisfied with Windows 8 Pro and the preliminary plants of Windows 8 pills that I'll happily create my next laptop a huge product operating Windows 8. Not a Surface area, mind you. Windows RT has not satisfied me for a wide range of factors. But press a real PC into a 10.1", 16:9 product form aspect, give me a exchangeable battery power and smooth I/O choices, and toss in a Wacom stylus pen for excellent art perform and notetaking? Depend me in.

Suddenly, a bigger cellphone creates a bit more feeling since I certainly won't be holding around my main pc (a huge tablet), a 7" product, and a cellphone that I wanted was a lot small than said 7" product. A cellphone that's big enough to be a GPS in my car, extremely understandable in a hand, and just "tablety" enough to create me not skip the Nexus 7 too much (and to be really useful when my Windows product isn't within reach) seems like a excellent idea. My 10-year old really wants my Nexus 7 anyway. I actually think that within a season, a whole lot of people will have a huge Windows product or convertible/hybrid as their main convenient PC. I'd still love to see a 4" Nexus cellphone with all the gadgets, but for $300, I can stay with this.

The deficiency of real 4G/LTE was a big frustration at first impact, but HSPA+ with MIMO WiFi is nothing to sneezing at. It also allows me to accessibility very affordable information programs, use the cellphone worldwide, and prevent the absurd battery power strain of LTE. In fact, until LTE technological innovation develops a bit more, HSPA+ continues to be a strong choice, still providing me much quicker information accessibility than Verizon's 3G and maintaining lifestyle cycle of battery power almost affordable.

Am I rationalizing here to rationalize getting technological innovation Android operating system phone? A little bit, yes, but my Android Razr is a huge frustration with regards to performance, lifestyle cycle of battery power, and choice up-dates. If it takes a bit of rationalizing to leap out of Verizon's programs, get a relatively affordable revealed smart phone, and have entry to better-than-Verizon 3G, all without limiting lifestyle cycle of battery power, I think I can stay with that. Buh-bye, Verizon, hello revealed, up-to-date, unbloated, fast, superphones.
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