Editorial : Will 2013 Be Microsoft's Biggest Year Ever?

There's no doubt that Ms, after a slow few decades, has now increased this year. The release of Microsoft windows 8 was predicted to be a big cope, but until July of 2012 no one predicted Ms to enter the PC components company head first with the Surface item. The release of both items in delayed Oct has put a huge highlight on the organization for initially in a while.

Yet, 2012 may just be the prelude to what Ms has planned for 2013. Ms CEO Bob Ballmer has already declared that the organization has programs to release even more components items. The result of all of this is that 2013 could be a year with multiple item releases across all of the organization's manufacturers and departments that could create 2012's reports seem almost tiny by comparison.

Let's take a look at what 2013 might bring for Ms, based on already declared programs as well as gossips and our own speculation:

Surface Microsoft windows 8 Pro : 
Microsoft has already declared its programs to release a edition of its own house Surface item that will run on Microsoft windows 8 Pro and an Apple processer. Ms has said it will release about 90 days after the release of the Microsoft windows RT edition of Surface, which indicates that, with the exception of setbacks, it should be on its way sometime in delayed Jan.

We think the Surface for Microsoft windows 8 Pro could be an even larger cope for Ms than the Surface for Microsoft windows RT. The organization has already seen some success with that edition with regards to revenue, and that's with an os that can't run heritage Microsoft windows programs. There is proof that many customers, as well as large companies, are waiting for the Microsoft windows 8 Pro-Intel edition of Surface and we think that Ms will be pushed to keep up with the demand when it finally comes out. We wish they create enough of them to go around. 
Office 2013 launch :

Microsoft has already achieved the RTM stage for Workplace 2013, which is perhaps the organization's greatest application item besides Microsoft windows. The Microsoft windows 8 and Microsoft windows seven variations should be over the counter available very soon, perhaps as soon as delayed Jan. However, the even more interesting gossip is that Workplace could create its way to Android os and iOS later in 2013.

While companies such as OnLive offer a way to access Workplace application on iOS and Android os items via a loading method from a reasoning server, the truth is that most users would love to see a edition of Workplace running natively on those mobile operating-system.  Other efficiency application items have did not be as well-known as Workplace and its release on iOS and Android os could be even larger than the Microsoft windows release for Ms with regards to revenue. 
Surface phone :

If you believe the gossips, Ms is already examining its own Microsoft windows Cellphone style. We think that it is unavoidable that the organization will division out and basically its own smartphone components item. It has certainly learned quite a bit in the last few decades from smartphone makers, particularly Htc and HTC, which have reinforced Microsoft windows Cellphone since it released truly.

We think that Ms will indeed release a "Surface" smartphone item for mid-to-late 2013. However, coming into this industry will be even difficult than the organization's move into the PC components company. Hopefully it will understand some training from the Surface item release and put that encounter into its smartphone. 
Xbox Surface gaming tablet  :

The portable activity playing industry has changed a lot in just a few decades. Dedicated activity playing systems such as The 3DS and Sony's new PS Vita seem to have decreased a little bit out of favor as mobile phones have become more well-known as activity playing devices.

That's why it's a little odd to hear gossips that Ms is trying to release a seven inches item, called the System Surface, that's being created specifically for activity playing. The gossips claim that it will have a custom Microsoft windows OS, rather than Microsoft windows 8 or Microsoft windows RT. It's also said that this new item could be released ahead of the heir to Windows System.

We do think that a item created for activity playing is a wise decision. Most item items don't come near the components specifications that a laptop or pc PC have and as a result can't manage graphically extensive activities.  Certainly, Razer considers that a high end activity playing item is a wise decision. However, we do wish that Ms creates some effort to improve the encounter playing operator encounter on a item, which can be a challenging thing.

The greatest concern we have is that Ms may concentrate too much on the encounter playing functions and not enough on other aspects, such as email, texting, web surfing and press content. The System 360 has progressed over previous times seven decades from a simple activity playing machine into a real multi-media box. The System Surface needs to have those types of functions out of the checkpoint, rather than wait to add them over an occasion period. 
The successor to the Xbox 360 :

Call it the System 720. Contact it System Next. Besides, you can consider it Cucamonga for all we care. But we know that Ms is operating on the heir to the System 360. The organization's last console initially released in 2005 and got a situation style renew truly. The components specifications within the console are now seven decades of age, so it's here we are at a real heir and we expect at least an formal statement around E3 2013 in July, and possibly a release in delayed 2013.

As we stated earlier, in previous times seven decades Ms has progressed the System 360 from a simple system to a components item that's designed to deal with loading video, songs and more. It's Ms entry into the TV space that it has wanted for such a lengthy time (WebTV, anyone?) and you can bet that its heir will have those types of functions ready to go, with even more partners and functions.

However, Ms knows that the next gaming console it creates has to have excellent activities out of the box. The original System had Mobile but the release of the System 360 didn't have that outstanding of a activity title release line up. Ms needs to create sure that the first activities for its next gaming console are monster.

Other possible item launches :

Now we are getting simply into risky area. These are just our ideas and don't really come from gossip experiences or within information.

Big touchscreen technology TVs for frequent folks: The getting Intelligent Pixel a few months ago indicates that Ms is creating their massive touchscreen technology TVs. While we won't be seeing an 82 inches touchscreen technology television at Best Buy in the near future, we think Ms could offer a 32-inch or 42-inch display to frequent customers in 2013.

Surface All-in-one PCs: If Ms is creating a item product, why doesn't it also come up with a PC created for the property office? The all-in-one PC industry is taking off as many people and companies don't want to cope with the normal pc PC situation that's installed to a observe. It would seem a natural progress for Ms to style and offer an all-in-one Surface PC in addition to its item, and we think they might be planning to do just that.

Non-gaming TV set top box: You like your System 360 but you discovered that you really don't want to play activities on it any longer. We know there are lots of System 360 owners who basically use the console to flow or download video clips or songs. We think Ms knows this too. It wouldn't surprise us to understand that the organization is operating on an Xbox-like set top box that just has the press loading functions with no activities.
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