Samsung Series 9 900X4C: First Take

Summary: This slimline 15in. notebook has many Ultrabook characteristics, including slim dimensions, light weight, SSD storage and no optical drive. It's not cheap though.

Some individuals will always hanker for the slimest and least heavy laptops available, and are willing to pay a top quality for the benefit. Samsung's new Sequence 9 900X4C panders to that market: it's very thin and very mild for a 15in. computer computer, and operates a third-generation Apple Primary (Ivy Bridge) processer. However, it'll cost you around £1,000 (inc. VAT; £833 ex. VAT).

In many ways, the 15in. Sequence 9 is an extended ultrabook rather than a thinned-down conventional computer. Power supply is incorporated into the framework and not reachable. There is no visible drive. Storage space is offered via SSD. Also, the range of spots and spots, while sufficient, matches more to what you'd anticipate from an ultrabook than a conventional computer computer.

There's no questioning the Sequence 9's visible attract. Its detailed size of 35.69cm wide by 23.7cm deeply by 1.49cm dense cover the fact that the framework tapers to a very thin front advantage. The weight of 1.65kg makes this a very convenient 15in. computer computer. Add in the strong steel framework (even the lid area has little flex), and there's a actual 'wow' aspect here. 
Nor is the quality merely skin-deep — the display, in particular, is fantastic. From an office customer's viewpoint the display's flat complete is a actual plus point, while its 1,600-by-900-pixel quality provides enough size for side-by-side papers watching.

There's a key pad backlight whose lighting you can modify via a Fn key control; the display lighting can be set to modify instantly too — both features depend on an normal mild indicator seated above laptops computer key pad place.

The touch pad is wide, and all the better for it. It facilitates multi touch actions for going between started out programs and the control buttons are included in the main place rather than being individual. It has a charming sleek experience and the touch to zoom capability activity is particularly sensitive. The key pad activity is a little superficial. I didn't find it a big issue, but some individuals may experience it is difficult to work with. 
Inside, there's an Apple Primary i5-3317U processer operating at 1.7GHz (or up to 2.6GHz with Turbocompresseur Boost) plus 8GB of RAM. The os is Windows seven Home Premium, with storage offered by an 256GB SSD. Although we haven't examined it officially, battery power from the 8-cell, 62Wh battery power seems above regular for a well-specified 15in. computer computer.

Ports and spots are, as mentioned previously, relatively extra. There are three USB spots (two USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0), plus Micro-HDMI, Mini-VGA and small-format Ethernet spots — all three of which will need plugs. New samsung provides the Ethernet adaptor, but you'll need to buy the others. Wifi connection is good — dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) and Wifi bluetooth 4.0 — and there's a display card port that allows SD-compatible press.

If you like your 15in. laptops thin and fashionable, and don't mind paying a top quality, take a look at Samsung's Sequence 9.
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