Microsoft Windows 8: Do You Need It?

Summary: After months of build up, Windows 8 is almost upon us, and readers want to know if they need Microsoft's latest offering. I consider a number of usage scenarios, ranging from home users to enterprise.

With the discharge of Ms windows 8 only days away, Components 2.0 visitors are asking the apparent question:

    Do I need Ms windows 8?

I'm certain that the people asking this query anticipate a simple response. They're looking for a uncomplicated yes or a no.

I wish it were that easy. :

The problem is that I cannot possibly see into your house and know what your particular conditions are. The best I can do is to provide a big image based on certain conditions, and then side the decision over to you.

Let's take a look at a few conditions. :

Home users :

Home customers are the most convenient to recommend -- if you have to ask someone whether you need Ms windows 8, then possibilities are you don't need it. On a conventional pc or laptop computer program, the new os isn't going to provide much in the way of new functions beyond entry to Windows app shop.

    Ms windows 8 is not inexpensive, and it is far more cost-effective to get it as element of a PC than as a take a position alone application update.

Then there's the opportunity for aspects going incorrect. Improving a program without taking safety measures such as support up information and getting motorists in enhance can cause you into a world of harm in double-quick time. While most improvements go easily, house customers who do, for one purpose or another, guide themselves into the tar sets can discover it difficult to get themselves out of problems.

Remember to aspect in the update costs. Ms windows 8 is not inexpensive, and it is far more cost-effective to get it as element of a PC than as a take a position alone application update.

The best way for house customers to get their arms on Ms windows 8 is by purchasing new hardware. That way, Ms windows 8 comes pre-installed and pre-configured for the particular hardware, and should just work.

Windows XP users :

I've been listening to a lot from Ms windows XP customers considering if they should lastly update to a contemporary os developed for this several years we are in. Yes, these customers should probably be upgrading, but possibilities are that much of the hardware operating this ageing OS isn't value upgrading. Even given Ms windows 8's moderate program specifications, techniques developed for Ms windows XP might not have the muscular required to run the new os.

Also, these customers need to have a excellent difficult think about why they trapped with Ms windows XP for so long. What makes them think that Ms windows 8 is better than Ms windows Windows vista or Ms windows seven was? How do you see Ms windows 8 as being different?

Small businesses

At existing, the drawbacks -- exercising, prospective for time to recover, and work-flow interruption -- over-shadow the benefits. However, those seeking to create use of Ms windows 8 or Ms windows RT pills may look for the new os creating its way into the business in a restricted way.

My guidance here is to take properly for now. There's no powerful purpose for companies -- outside of technical companies utilizing Ms windows 8 or Ms windows RT -- to be considering creating the jump to Ms windows 8 at the moment.

Remember, foul-ups have a price. :

Another element of going to Ms windows 8 that contributes to the price is exercising. Workers are likely to need quite a bit of side having, and Ms doesn't provide much help when it comes to this.

Enterprise :

These people are only beginning to look at Ms windows seven. Yes, they should be looking at Ms windows 8, but their concentrate is on Ms windows seven for now.

But, as always, there's a 'but'.

That 'but' takes on the way of Ms windows 8- and Ms windows RT-powered pills and other contact gadgets. Ms, along with its hardware associates, are going to be forcing these gadgets at business customers difficult, and so companies could well end up in a scenario where they are beginning to set up, or at least having to back up, Ms windows 8 and Screen RT before implementing Ms windows seven.

Companies that allow BYOD need to be especially ready for this increase of Ms windows 8 and Ms windows RT gadgets coming in under the arms of employees.

Gamers :

Yes, Ms windows 8 does seem to have a minor advantage over Ms windows seven, but this little obtain is hardly value the cost. In fact, I'd delay for a few a few several weeks at least for motorists -- especially video card motorists -- to older more. This maturation will bring with it better performance, and, moreover, higher balance.


Yes, particularly for examining. It's also useful to be acquainted with the foundation if you create for it because it gives you a excellent feel for what works with regards to UI and functionality, and what doesn't.

Support technicians

Anyone who is going to be assisting customers operating Ms windows 8 needs to be acquainted with the OS. Training should manage much of that, but the best, most liquid understanding comes from operating the OS.

Power users :

These customers are likely to have been enjoying with released betas, previews, and the RTM edition for several weeks and a few several weeks.

These are the people who know best whether they want Ms windows 8 on their PCs or not. They're likely already operating Ms windows 8, or placing it off until enough time is right.

The base line

While Ms -- and its hardware associates -- wants everyone to hurry out and dive right in to Ms windows 8, most customers can manage to toys a little more very properly. This is especially true for companies, who can ill-afford to create a mistake that could have a price or result in time to recover.

When it comes to business, I think that Ms windows 8 may get grip there faster than past variations of Ms windows because of the new type aspects such as pills.

As for house customers, given the price of a Ms windows update as opposed to price of a new PC, the investment property on upgrading the os would be better put towards a new PC.
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