Android Really Is The New Windows

Summary: The figures don't lie: Android not only has almost three-quarters of global mobile device sales, but it's outselling PCs too. So the Linux-based OS is the new Windows, not only due to its ubiquity, but because it represents a key aspect of Windows that Microsoft is throwing away: openness.
Specialist figures can be a dry event, but sometimes they're so marked that they make the lengthy run a bit better. That's the situation with the cellular revenue figures that came out of Gartner last night.

It seems that Android operating system really is the new Ms windows. By expansion, that indicates A linux system — on which Android operating system is centered — is currently cooking ten colors out of Ms and indeed everyone else. How periods modify.

Gartner's figures protect cellular phone revenue in the third one fourth of this season. Android operating system has gone into overdrive: device revenue more than more than doubled year-on-year to 122.5 thousand, and the foundation has a business of 72.4 %, up from 52.5 % a season before. That's in cellular phone gadgets, not just mobile phones.

Apple's iOS is in second place, with every quarter system revenue up from 17.3 thousand to 23.5 thousand, but its business down from 15 % to 13.8 %. Other cellular OSes are all in the individual figures, from RIM's 5.3 % discuss down to Windows 2.4 %.

Now evaluate this information with what Gartner said monthly ago about PC deliveries in the same one fourth. The huge complete for Q3? 87.5 thousand models. A year-on-year fall of 8.3 %, since you ask.

In other conditions, Android operating system system revenue have an almost 3:2 amount in contrast to PC deliveries — and keep in mind that deliveries are always greater than revenue (unless the item provides out). At this amount, the amount will be 2:1 within a one fourth or two.

Ouch :

Caveats implement, of course, but I don't think any are significant enough to offer an substitute description for this pattern. Maybe individuals late PC-buying choices in expectation of the Ms windows 8 launch? Windows update program cancels out this concept to some level. Also, this is the back-to-school one fourth.

No, this is a actual pattern. And before you go, "Ah, but mobile phones and PCs are not the same thing", well, for many individuals they are. Think of all those in growing marketplaces who have never possessed a PC and never will. They're progressively getting their windows on the web — which is the actual champion here, in some aspects — through devices and pills.

Even in the so-called globe, these gadgets are usurping the PC for many features, from web surfing around to devices, and even for mild papers modifying.

And Android operating system is successful, on price and (drum roll) on visibility.

Open for business :

Why openness? Because there are many app shops out there for Android operating system, and because applications can even be packed without getting it via a industry at all. You and I in the US and European nations may not ever project outside the constraints of Apple's App Shop and Google Perform Shop, but believe me, the solutions are out there and intensely used, particularly in nations such as Chinese suppliers and Italy.

You know what's crazy about this? Android operating system is successful, partially because it symbolizes what Ms windows used to represent: versatility.

It may seem a bit unjust to say "used to" there, but it's really not. Ms has been very obvious that beginning with Ms windows 8, it now wants to management its app environment Apple-style.

It's appropriate in determining that this will cause to a greater conventional of app, but it's incorrect if it believes this will perform any type of advantage against The apple company (which provides the same cope but is far further later on with regards to developing an ecosystem). It's also absolutely deluded if it believes most individuals proper value the "uncontrolled" characteristics of Android operating system.

The pc won't go away — it's still required for many kinds of article writing, and that will remain the situation for years yet. But the smart phone and the item are computer systems too, and in the overall image, Android operating system is getting over the globe.
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