Windows 8 Launch: Microsoft Makes The Case For The PC

Summary: The Windows 8 launch today put to rest rumors that Microsoft is running away from the PC. Instead the company made the case that Windows 8 is the foundation for the "best PCs ever made"--ones designed to work as both laptops and tablets, and for both work and play.

The Ms windows 8 release today seemed developed to put to rest any gossips that Ms is operating away from the PC. Instead a celebration of professionals created the case that Ms windows 8 is the base for the "best PCs ever made"--ones developed to perform as both notebooks and Tablets, and for both perform and play.

The purpose of the event was really to release several products. New Ms windows 8 gadgets and software upgrades go on sale at 12:01 am local time the next day. The Ms windows Store--the app shop, not the Ms retail store stores--is also formally open for business. And Ms and its components associates will also begin selling Ms windows RT gadgets simultaneously.

CEO Bob Ballmer said that there were 670 millions current Ms windows seven PCs "just holding out around to be upgraded" and he mentioned reports that another 400 millions Ms windows 8 PCs will be sold each year. And Bob Sinfosky, the head of the Ms windows and Ms windows Stay group, said the Ms windows Store has more applications than any current app shop had at release (though he did not discuss the organization's stated goal of 10,000 applications at launch).

There were few excitement at the release, which was streaming live. Most of the functions of Ms windows 8, and the applications and solutions that are currently available, are well-known at this point. I was amazed that the organization didn't declare any additional big-names applications arriving to the Ms windows Store--perhaps that is arriving over the next few days--and I predicted to listen to more details on new solutions such as Console Songs. Instead Ms professionals mostly targeted on new Ms windows 8 convertibles, notebooks and personal computers from their associates (they'll obviously be referring to Windows own Surface components in a later session).

Sinofsky mentioned some of the key upgrades in Ms windows 8 such as long life cycle of battery power, quicker start times, a smaller memory impact, and interface with current Ms windows applications. He said that around 1,000 new PC styles have already been qualified for Ms windows 8. He also discussed a bit about Ms windows RT, observing that while it does not run heritage Ms windows applications, the experience and Ms windows 8-style applications will get better eventually through Ms windows Store up-dates and it already facilitates some 420 millions components peripheral devices. That's a aggressive advantage over IOS and Android operating system Tablets.

Mike Angiulo, who is in charge of components and the PC environment, and Jules Larson-Green, the Vice Chief executive of Program Management for Ms windows, confirmed some of the basic functions of Ms windows 8 and revealed off several Ms windows 8 PCs such as notebooks (Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 As well as and the Acer Desire S7-191), Tablets and convertibles (the Lenovo ThinkPad Product 2 and Dell XPS 12) and all-in-ones (the Dell XPS One and Panasonic VAIO Tap 20). Angiulo said Ms windows 8 PCs with touchscreens will start at $499. The pair also outlined several Ms windows RT Tablets from Tablets Asus, Dell, Lenovo, New samsung, and of course Ms.

Ballmer provided the big picture on Ms windows 8. He said that, for initially, Ms windows has "first-rate Tablets," in addition to personal computers and notebooks including that touch "pushes the limitations of what a PC really is." He mentioned the content and solutions that Ms is creating around these gadgets along with a new edition of Office; Internet Traveler 10; the Google Apps (News, Finance, Travel, Charts, Weather and Sports); SkyDrive; Skype; and the Console music, video and games. Lastly, he mentioned how these Ms windows 8 solutions works with mobile phones operating Ms windows Phone 8, which the organization is set to declare on Thursday (October 29).
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