Windows 8 Is The New XP

Summary: This new version of Windows is a disaster. Power users can't wait to replace the UI, and businesses are avoiding it like the plague. I'm talking, of course, about Windows XP. Ah, how quickly we forget.

This new version of Ms windows is going to be a problems, experts say. It will be completely denied by companies, who will stick with old variations even after Ms falls assistance for them.

And its new interface is so horrible and useless that clients who are forced to use it will trip over themselves finding ways to recover the old Begin selection.

I am, of course, referring to Ms windows XP, which was launched 11 decades ago this week. It resided down to all those insults and serious forecasts for decades before it lastly and implausibly became a success.

If you’re a sluggish pundit and have not written your Ms windows 8 wrap-ups yet, you can use these decade-old experiences, just replacing 8 for XP.

I keep reading that companies are going to snub Ms windows 8. News flash: Businesses snub every new Ms windows version. It was true three decades ago, and eight decades ago, and 11 decades ago.

Consider the hopeless results as Ms windows XP famous its one-year anniversary:

    Ms windows XP Slow to Take Hold – Paula Rooney, CRN, Oct 11, 2002

    On the first wedding of Ms windows XP's launch, Ms has little to enjoy.

    Less than 10 % of Windows set up platform has enhanced to Ms windows XP since its launch last Oct. That suits a 2001 Gartner forecast that nearly 75 % of all business PCs would still be operating Ms windows 95, 98 or NT Work station by the end of 2002.

    The adopting rate for the set up platform of 250 thousand Ms windows clients is "pretty little," said Rogers Marijuana, v. p. of Ms windows customer item management at Ms. "We're trying to kick-start some strength."

On XP’s second wedding, companies were still yawning:

    Users stick to old Ms operating-system – Ina Fried, CNET, Dec 12, 2003

    [A] new research shows that a significant number of companies, both little and big, are still using [Windows 98].

    The research looked at 372,129 PCs from 670 companies varying in size from 10 to 49,000 workers. …

    In total, Ms windows 95 created up 14.7 % of operating-system, and Ms windows 98 created up 12.5 %. Ms windows 2000 was the most common OS, operating on a little bit more than half of devices, while its forerunner, Ms windows NT4, was still used on 13.3 % of personal computers.

    Ms windows XP, the most current version of Ms windows, was found on just 6.6 % of the devices.

One month later, in Jan 2004, ZDNet Sydney revealed that Ms was increasing assistance for Ms windows 98, Ms windows 98 SE, and Ms windows ME:

    The software massive has extended assistance for the operating-system until July 30, 2006. During that period, paid over-the-phone assistance will be available, "critical" protection issues will be analyzed, and "appropriate steps" taken.

    The organization's assistance for the Ms windows 98 family of operating-system was planned to end this Saturday, with assistance for Ms windows ME due to end in Dec of this season.

    "Microsoft created this decision to assist our clients globally who are still reliant upon these operating-system and to provide Ms more a chance to connect its item lifecycle assistance recommendations in a few markets?-particularly smaller and growing marketplaces," said Danny Beck, Ms Australia's mature Ms windows pc item marketing administrator.

Stop and let that drain in. Businesses were willingly choosing Ms windows 98 and even the hated Ms windows Me over XP.

In Aug 2004, nearly three decades after XP was launched, gossips of a new version code-named Longhorn were traveling. Professional curmudgeon Stephen Manes interviewed his visitors for their responses to Ms windows XP. In the print version of PC Globe, participants could hardly reduce their loathing for the XP Begin menu:

    I also advised you to think about in on … the idea that Longhorn might destroy the "Classic" interface that's been around since Ms windows 95.

    [M]ore than 700 of you required its survival--as compared to 3 who liked the new Ms windows XP look. Many revealed about XP's "Fisher-Price interface" and mentioned that the vital factor they do on any XP machine is change back to Traditional View. I completely agree.

A few decades later, in one of the great ironies that makes this business so much fun, PC Globe sis book InfoWorld was gathering tens of thousands of titles for its “Save XP” case.

The entertaining factor about all this is that XP did not need saving. It’s still in existence and well today, and will be reinforced by Ms until Apr 2014. Despite the beginning disapproval and termination, XP turned out to be the long-term assistance version, the one that companies implemented and trapped with. And business buyers are moving, lastly, to Ms windows seven, where they will be able to park entire Lot of money 500 businesses until 2020.

So what occurred to Ms windows XP? How did its popularity improve after those beginning scornful reactions?

Mostly, arrived that did all the treatment. As customers grabbed new PCs operating Ms windows XP, they got used to the interface. Ms launched a sequence of service features that set insects and (notably with SP2) enhanced the generally woeful protection of the initial launch. People got used to the shiny colors of the "Fisher-Price interface," and eventually it didn't seem so garish.

The components captured up too. In the next two decades, even the worst-case reports suggest that the PC industry will sell 500 thousand new PCs, many of them prepared with touchscreens on which the Ms windows 8 interface will create sense.

The Ms that launched Ms windows 8 is much more regimented than the one that delivered Ms windows XP. I expect that Ms windows 8 will get frequent up-dates, such as one or two that will create the interface more versatile for designers and end clients.

I’m also willing to bet that Ms windows 9 comes in two decades, with Ms windows 10 probably coming two decades after that. Businesses will studiously neglect those new produces, of course. Just as they always do.
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