Review : Tech Gadgets Helps With Fitness Goals

While losing weight and staying fit can be tough, technology can help play an important role in keeping a person accountable, tracking his or her progress and making workouts more effective.

Many of us know direct that reducing body weight and remaining fit can be challenging.

For me, I started a trip a little over a year ago to get in better form before my 30 wedding. While work out and dieting were the greatest important factors to my success, technological innovation performed a significant part in keeping me responsible, monitoring my improvement and making my exercises more efficient.

Now that I've achieved some of my objectives, I'd like to discuss the resources I used. These will be more essential to me than ever as I try to sustain my dropping body weight and enhance my durability and stamina. (Cue the "Rocky" concept song).


Diet and work out are the most essential parts of reducing body weight or remaining in form. Technology assisted me keep an eye on what I was consuming and how many calorie consumption I was dropping.

I used MyFitnessPal, a free assistance that allows you sustain a digital journal of your everyday diet plan, cardio exercise work and weight exercising.

The assistance is very simple to use. Because you can upgrade information using a cellphone app or a web page, you have almost no reason not to get into the details no matter where you are. Applications are available for the iPhone, the iPad and Android operating system, BlackBerry and Microsoft windows Phone gadgets.

When first using the program, you're persuaded for such details as body weight, size, age and action level. That's used to create a plan for how many calorie consumption you should eat and what amount should come from amino acids, fat or carbohydrate food. You can also set your own factors.

You then get into what you're consuming (and drinking) for morning food, lunchtime and evening food, as well as treats, throughout the day, and the app information the calorie consumption, fat, amino acids, carbohydrate food and natural vitamins. MyFitnessPal has an comprehensive list of clean and packed meals to choose from. Choose an apple or a can of Campbell's broth, and MyFitnessPal will add the healthy details to your depend. The data source also contains popular dishes discovered in publications, so you don't have to get into the substances independently.

You can even duplicate an entire food to another day if you're a monster of addiction like me. Or use your cell mobile phone's digital camera to take images of a bar code and have the app look up the healthy details for you.

But meals is half the fight. MyFitnessPal also allows you get into your exercises and weight exercising. Just as you do with meals, you simply choose the action, such as cleaning, strolling the dog, taking a rotating category or, for me, enjoying ice baseball. Depending on your individual wellness details, the assistance determines the number of calorie consumption expended. While the figures are only reports, they offer a pretty strong guide.

Once you're done coming into your details, you can look at maps, maps and details of your work out and dieting to get a better view of your day or week.

The app will venture your bodyweight in five weeks and tell you whether you're consuming too few or too many calorie consumption on any given day. You can even link with visitors who also are using the assistance to help keep you even more responsible and get concepts of different meals to try or actions to do.


While producing my meals and work out choices became part of my everyday schedule, monitoring my improvement assisted motivate me to keep on monitor to getting in better form.

For this, I recruited the use of the Withings WiFi System Range ($159.99).

This is no common scale. It not only actions your body weight, extra fat, muscle and System Huge Catalog, but it also joins to the Internet so you can keep a record of your dimensions through its web page or an iPhone app (iPad and Android operating system variations are coming soon).

You can see how you evaluate to your individual objectives and suggested wellness areas. You can have the dimensions instantly discuss your information with other online wellness teaching programs, or publish results to a weblog, Facebook or myspace or Tweets. There are no registration charges.

The scale can monitor up to eight different individuals, with individual information for each.

A new edition of the dimensions will be able to link straight to your cellphone via Wireless. For those with iPhones or iPads, there also is a partner hypertension observe that these sharp “claws” straight to your system and allows you know how your rates evaluate with normal varies.


Logging how many calorie consumption you burnt off during any action can be a continuous wondering activity. Many gym-goers depend on common figures that the fitness treadmill machine, bikes or elliptical exerciser exercise devices offer, but those aren't always precise.

There are several choices to help monitor your everyday exercises. After trying a few different wearable watches, such as the Nike+ FuelBand, I discovered the most beneficial system was a hrm.

Basic watches in the $100 cost range can persuade folks to get effective, while choices charging more than $400 are available with components that can evaluate how far you're operating or how fast you're riding a bike. I examined a Complete RCX5 ($349.95 for a primary set, with components for GPS and riding a bike available).

After coming into my size, body weight and age, I buckled on the rubber group around my chest area and attached in the hrm that transfers information easily to a system on my hand.

After you choose an activity for that exercise, such as operating, riding a bike or diving, the Complete times your exercise and paths your calorie consumption expended centered on your pulse amount. It also reports what amount of the burnt off calorie consumption came from fat. I discovered that average actions seem to get rid of more fat, but less calorie consumption, while higher-intensity exercises use-up more calorie consumption, but less fat.

Some of the devices at my gym grabbed the details from my observe and shown my pulse amount. When operating outside or enjoying ice baseball, the hrm also offered me a better idea of how many calorie consumption I was dropping (more than 1,000 calorie consumption in one baseball game).

When you're done with a exercise, all of the work out details you record can be moved through your computer to Polar's health and fitness web page, where it's examined and monitored to help you arrive at objectives and practice more successfully. Understanding about how many calorie consumption I burnt off during a given action assisted to make my exercises more efficient and understand how I needed to petrol myself accordingly.


Let's face it: Going to the gym can get kind of tedious. But enjoying songs, or viewing films and TV reveals on your mobile phone gadgets, can help keep you inspired while working out at the gym, running with the dog or getting injected up for a baseball activity.

And even then, it's essential to have the right equipment.

For me, the Power Beats by Dre ($149.95) was standing the perspire test and still offered great sound and the option to answer telephone phone calls and control amount from the headphones.

In the locker room, I combined my iPhone to the Jawbone Jambox ($199.99) to flow songs via Wireless before and after ice baseball activities. This year's postgame songs is "Closing Time" by Semisonic, as our activities generally end after late night.
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