Intel's Q3, Q4: Hostage To The Windows 8 Upgrade Cycle

Summary: Intel is facing a bevy of third quarter wild cards and the fourth quarter rides on Windows 8. Expectations are low. 

Intel's third quarter is expected to be weak due to bloated PC inventories, lackluster ultrabook sales and buyers' love for tablets and smartphones. Meanwhile, the fourth quarter for Intel will be a wild card based on the Windows 8 launch Oct. 26.

Simply put, objectives for Intel's financial performance are pretty low.
Intel is expected to report third quarter earnings of 56 cents a share on revenue of $14.18 billion. Wall Street estimates were cut following the company's revenue warning.

Since that caution the following has unfolded:
  • HP cut its perspective and the PC maker accounts for approximately 17 % of income, down from 19 % this year and 21 % in 2010.
  • Windows Windows 8 update pattern is a total crapshoot. There is extensive divergence on how the latest Windows update pattern will open up.
  • Signs from Asia's supply chain indicate that PC creates grabbed in Sept compared to summer recession.
Here's a look at the third quarter wild-cards and unknowns for the fourth quarter.

Did a Sept PC develop pattern help out Intel? Bore holes Fargo specialist Bob Wong said that Apple filled out its product collection and that lead to contract devices producers building PCs. "We are optimistic that the develop strength of the month of Sept will proceed through Oct up to the release of Windows 8," said Wong.

Will Windows 8 be a hit? Windows 8 is releasing in just a few days and the hardware picture is complicated with various form factors. Piper Jaffray specialist Auguste Gus Rich mentioned that any benefit surprise from Windows 8 will be a advantage to Apple.

Has the economy derailed hosting server spending? By most matters, hosting server need has been poor despite new Apple snacks. The information middle has been Intel's rock amongst risky consumer investing. Deutsche Bank specialist Ross Seymore said that Apple is picking up information middle discuss in hosts, storage and social networking processor chips.

Will ultrabooks sell? Ultrabook income have been frustrating, but Windows 8 and Intel's snacks may boost need. One wrinkle worth noting: In all my assessments of Windows 8 it's clear that you need a touch allowed laptop screen. That fact may result in more income.

Can Apple move tablets? Apple released its Clover Pathway tablet snacks, but it's uncertain whether Windows 8 pills will offer well.

Emerging market PC need. Apple may have trouble with PC need in developed marketplaces, but growing areas such as Asia-Pacific could pick up the slack. These growing marketplaces are often covered with so-called white box PCs, which aren't grabbed by Gartner and IDC information.

Average costs are another key issue. Apple may have to cut costs to pare down stock levels.

Intel could cut investment investing for 2013. Apple said its investment expenses will be below $12.1 billion dollars and $12.9 billion dollars. Why? Apple will recycling devices. Should this trend proceed, Intel's returns will look better in 2013.
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