Five Great Android Tablets You Can Buy Today Instead Of Waiting For The iPad Mini

Summary: Just because Apple appears to be releasing the iPad Mini is no reason to ignore the Android tablets that forced Apple to enter the 7" tablet space.

I like iPads. I own one and often use it. That said, I never treated its size; Apple's locked-in, exclusive application ecosystem; and lately Apple's iOS up-dates have been along with a lot of slack errors. So it is that more often than not I've been using a wide range of 7" Android-powered pills instead of my iPad. And, you know what? Just because it seems almost certain there will soon be an iPad Small, I don't see any purpose to be hurrying out to buy one.

Why not? From the top: Cost. Whatever The apple company finishes up asking for for the Small, it's a safe bet it's going to be more than the 7" Android os pills. Apple's never been a person's idea of an cost-effective product.

Next, I really don't appreciate Apple's Big Sibling strategy to third-party application. For example, the purpose you can't observe most Website video clips on an iPad is that Bob Tasks made the decision he didn't want Adobe Show on iDevices. I also really don't like Apple's certain court action satisfied ways.

Last, and to the point, over the last few months, Android os and its components providers have lastly gotten their product act together. Truly, Android os pills weren't aggressive at all with the level one iPad. This year, the Barnes & Nobles' Place Shade, while still mainly an e-reader, became a cost-effective Android os product. In delayed 2011, the small, 7" Android os product took off with the release of Amazon's Amazon kindle Flame. Then, as far as I'm worried, the first Android os product came along that was actually better than an iPad: the Nexus 7.

Heck, ZDNet's own Jerr D. O'Grady , an The apple company fan even said there was only one thing incorrect with the Nexus 7: it's deficiency of an The apple company logo. Me? I can stay without an The apple company logo.

So, what are the best solutions to the approaching iPad Small. Here's my list from least to most attractive: 

5) New samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Gosh, the New samsung 7.7's AMOLED (active-matrix natural light-emitting diode) display is fairly. As fairly as an iPad 3's Effective Matrix? No, probably, but it is eye-catching.

Under the fairly display, you'll discover a 1.4GHz dual-core processer with 16GBs of storage space and a GB of RAM. It started with Android os 3.2, Honeycomb, but it was personalized in September to Android os 4.04, Ice Lotion Food. It also facilitates, with the right agreement of course, 4G.

I only have one problem with it: the cost. At $400, it's a little much for a 7" product.  

4) Amazon Amazon kindle Flame (2012)

You can't defeat the new design Amazon kindle Fire's price: $159. It also comes linked at the hip with Amazon offerings. That's both a benefit and smoking.

I like Amazon, but I'd rather not have them as both my application trip and, thanks to its Cotton Web internet browser, my website to the greater Internet. I also really, really don't like having fed ads if I don't coughing up an extra $15.

The components is OK for the cost. It uses a dual-core 1.2GHz OMAP 4430 CPU, a GB of RAM, and comes with 16GBs of storage space. For its os, the Amazon kindle Flame uses a very personalized edition of Ice Lotion Food. On the other hand, it still doesn't have HD video assistance... or a dslr camera, … or storage space development port... or physical amount control buttons.

All that said, it's still a excellent product for the cost. If I desired to buy a product for a comparative or buddy this holiday who just desired to study guides and observe films online, I'd seriously consider the personalized Amazon kindle Flame.  

3) Barnes & Royal Place Tablet (2011)

The next creation of the Place Tablet won't show for a few more several weeks, but that's OK, because I'm still attached to last seasons Place Tablet at $179.

It uses a TI OMAP 4 dual-core 1 GHz processer along with 8GBs of storage space, a GB of RAM and can manage addition storage space with its microSD port. Like the Amazon kindle it uses a personalized edition of Android os. In the Nook's case that's Android os 2.3, GingerBread.

Older application and components and all, I still choose the old Place Tablet to the new Amazon kindle Flame and I'm really awaiting getting my arms on the 2012 Place. Why? Because it just works better. It provides better performance and I discover its interface to be simpler to use. Now, if only Barnes & Royal and Amazon both would create it simpler for us to get bigger access to Android os applications I'd be even more satisfied. 

2) New samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

It's not quite as excellent as its government, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, but at $350 I can stay with the recently 4G LTE-enabled Galaxy Tab 2.

It comes with a a 1.2GHz dual-core OMAP 4430 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage space. And, like the Tab 7.7, it uses Android os 4.04. It is, as you would have thought, more slowly and less full-featured than its high-priced comparative. The most recognizable distinction is that it has a front-facing VGA dslr camera instead of a 2 mega-pixel front side experiencing dslr camera.

If you decide this is the product for you, check to create sure that you're getting the design you want. The previously Galaxy Tab only Wi-Fi design is still available at a cost of about $250. It's a bit more slowly than the new design and of course doesn't assistance LTE, but it's otherwise a champion. 

1) Nexus 7

And, I've stored the best for last. The Nexus 7, at $199, is simply the best product out there. It operates like a desire and it's become my go-to product.

With a quad-core Tegra 3 CPU, 1GB of RAM, and 8GBs of storage space the Nexus 7 operates very, very quick. How fast? Quicker than any of its opponents. It's also the only one currently operating Android os 4.1, JellyBean. This is easily the best edition of Android os up to now.

The result is an excellent product. If I could only have one product, it would be a Nexus 7.

Mini iPad? I'm sure it will be awesome, but better than these? Maybe. In the same price-range as them? I can't see that. And, as for being better and more afforable than the Nexus 7? I don't think so.

The product conflicts are now on in serious. 
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