Firefox 16 Brings Developer Command Line For Faster Debugging

Summary: The newest version of Firefox includes a command line feature designed to make it easier for developers to debug code and assess websites using the browser's tools.

The modified web browser, launched for obtain on Wednesday, is light on new functions in comparison with previous variations, but does present a new designer plugin and the control range.

The designer plugin, when selected, appears at the bottom of the screen and allows immediate access to functions like the page home inspector and debugger.

Alongside the plugin is the control range interface: this is designed to allow designers to easily run orders for managing web browser tools, such as style linens or add-ons, using only the laptop key pad. For example, entering 'open' encourages the autocomplete to offer the choices 'console open' and 'tilt open' (pictured above), while entering 'list' gives the choices to jump to the add-on record, break record or biscuit record.

In inclusion, Mozilla 16 also "unprefixes a variety of constant functions including: CSS3 Animated graphics, Changes, Changes, Image Principles, IndexedDB and Principles and Models. Mozilla also unprefixes Battery API and Shake API, two web APIs that Mozilla assisted create", Mozilla said in a writing on Wednesday.

A variety of bug repairs have been combined into Mozilla 16, but some known insects, such as one that causes the web browser to accident if it's started out using a closed information, have not been put right.

The mobile edition of the web browser has been given minimal step-by-step upgrades, such as the inclusion of a 'Reader' method for watching and discussing articles on an Android operating system phone or product. Hitting the 'reader' button in the Amazing Bar triggers the tool, which instantly reformats text and images, and eliminates any ads.


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