Windows Server 2012 Spinoffs : What Else Is Microsoft Shipping?

Summary: Microsoft has made Hyper-V 2012 and Windows Storage Server 2012 generally available, alongside Windows Server 2012. 

Windows Server 2012 is not the only server-specific product that the Redmondians made generally available this week.

A couple of other relevant web host server SKUs are now available for test/evaluation and purchase. Particularly, these are:

Hyper-V Server 2012: Hyper-V Server 2012 is a devoted stand-alone item that contains the Hyper-V hypervisor, Ms windows Server car owner design, virtualization abilities, and assisting elements such as failover clustering, but does not contain all of the features and tasks as the full Ms windows Server 2012 os does. "As a result Hyper-V Server is a little impact and and needs little expense." according to Windows page about the item, such as a obtain weblink.

Aidan Finn -- a Ms Useful Professional (MVP) with an skills in Exclusive Device who works for MicroWarehouse Ltd. -- notified me to the fact Hyper-V 2012 is usually available. He mentioned in a Sept 4 writing that there are "no free virtualisation privileges to set up Ms windows Server in visitor OSes" with this item. "This means it is good for laboratories, VDI (virtual pc infrastructure), Linux system web host, and improving mature serves without SA (Software Guarantee." In other terms, it is fairly stripped-down, but may be the right choice for particular workloads.

Windows Storage space Server 2012: Ms windows Storage space Server 2012 is designed on the Ms windows Server 2012 os to provide a groundwork for System Connected Storage space (NAS) equipment. "Windows Storage space Server 2012 NAS equipment can help decrease the storage costs associated with building contemporary datacenters and private atmosphere," according to the information on the Ms Download site.

There are four main Ms windows Server 2012 SKUs: Datacenter, Conventional, Requirements and Foundation. Datacenter and Conventional are available to customers to certificate on a per-processor base.

Essentials is the only one of these four that has not yet been launched to production. Ms authorities have said that will happen later this year. Requirements -- intended to be the replace Ms windows Small Company Server and Ms windows Home Server (for those who used it as a small-business server) -- will be usually available before the end of schedule 2012, Ms authorities have said.
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