Windows 8 Pro OEM Will Allow For Downgrades To Win 7 And Vista

It has been revealed that Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro version will allow customers to reduce or eliminate to an older version of Windows if you are not entirely happy with the latest version. Customers can tend to install Windows seven or Windows Windows vista in place of the new OS although it’s value directing out that you’ll be without a encased store version should you go this route.

It seems unlikely that most buyers would want to reduce or eliminate but as Engadget points out, there are a few circumstances where having options would be possible. Manufacturers could include a copy of Windows seven along with new PC purchases in order to give customers more flexibility.

These same companies could also sell new computers with Windows seven pre-installed in the occasion that many would not be comfortable buying a system with an OS they are unfamiliar with. A dual-boot choice would be the perfect situation for PC users to learn Windows 8 at their own pace but it’s unlikely we will see this.

Downgrading to Windows seven might also be an choice when you are running mission-critical software that might not yet be fully compatible with Windows 8.

It’s value directing out that Windows XP and earlier operating-system are not included in the reduce or eliminate rights. Furthermore, the service is only offered on OEM duplicates of Windows 8 Pro – store variations and other variations of Windows 8 need not apply. Windows 8 will be releasing on Oct 26, 2012.

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