Why Wireless Charging Won't Save Nokia

Summary: Both Nokia and Microsoft's Windows Phone platform are having a hard time gaining traction in the face of iOS and Android. Will innovative features like wireless charging be enough to give Nokia a sales boost? Probably not.

Can impressive components features save Nokia and Windows Phone?

It's no key that the Windows Windows Cell phone foundation has been having difficulties in the face of firm and undeniable competitors from the iOS and Android operating system systems. And it's also no key that The lenders prospects have gone from bad to more intense since announcing its love for Windows Cell phone over its own Symbian foundation.

With new devices predicted to be revealed at The lenders Windows Cell phone 8-related event in New You are able to City on Wed, Nokia seems to be pinning its desires on better components.

If the gossips are to be considered, Nokia is planning to reveal at least two new devices.

Buried among the published specifications for the future Lumia 920 is a referrals to a modern new feature: wifi charging for.

According to The Brink, both the Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820 will have built-in assistance for the Qi wifi power conventional. This will allow customers to cost the mobile phone without the need for cords. By assisting this conventional, the devices will also be suitable with a variety of other wifi charging for products on the market.

An picture of the claimed Lumia 920 charging for pad has been published to Tweets by the often-reliable @evleaks.

Wireless charging for is an exciting concept. A variety of devices -- such as electric tooth brushes, controllers and a few mobile mobile phone devices -- already assistance it. Theoretically, it's a smart concept because you can just pop your system on a charging for mat and not have to clutter with cords and connections.

In practice, however, there are flaws. You have to spend space to the charging for pad 24/7, and if you want to easily cost your system at more than one location then you'll need to buy additional charging for shields, which works out a lot costly than buying a regular charger or using a free USB slot and a plug wire.

Both of these are big disadvantages for both customers and business customers.

Yes, wifi charging for is a nice function, but it's little more than useless. It's not going to be what helps you to save Nokia from the loss of life control it is in, and it's not going to help Windows Cell phone pick up ground from the competitors. Good, strong marketing is what Windows Cell phone needs, and it's something that it just doesn't seem to be getting.

The new Nokia mobile phone devices are required to be available in Oct or Nov.
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