When Secrecy Is Not A Good Thing : Microsoft And Windows Phone 8

Summary: Windows Phone 8 looks to be the most innovative version of the OS to date. It is uniquely poised to make a dent in both the consumer space and the enterprise. What it needs is lots of apps.

Ms is active getting Microsoft windows Phone 8 prepared for the market. It is looking really excellent based on the few looks we've seen so far. What will figure out how fast it gets out of the prevents when launched is the applications available in the Industry. That's why is is unnecessary for Ms to limit entry to the Microsoft windows Phone 8 SDK, especially for the silliest of factors.

When I study co-worker Mark Meyer's item detail how Ms is reducing entry to the WP8 SDK to only the "developers of [the Marketplace's] most-downloaded apps" I was sure I didn't study things perfectly. So I study the whole article again, only to confirm that what I study was indeed what Ms is doing.

It seems that even though Ms needs designers composing applications for Microsoft windows Phone 8 more than anything else, it is only providing the SDK to those already with well-known applications in the shop. You study that right, only designers with top applications in the shop can get entry to the SDK. Others have to delay until Microsoft windows Phone 8 is formally launched.

As if that isn't foolish enough, the reason for the limited entry to the SDK is absolutely unusual. Ms wants to keep some functions of Microsoft windows Phone 8 key to develop enjoyment for the foundation. You may want to study that phrase again, I'll delay.

Microsoft needs to make as much hype for Microsoft windows Phone 8 as possible to give it any opportunity to hit the floor operating. It needs many applications in the Industry from day one to reach that goal. Yet it has selected to make it hard for designers to make those applications in an attempt to keep functions key for release.

This is unnecessary to me on any level. You can go for key functions when you are on top of the experience, but not when you're at the end. Ms should be shouting from the top of the greatest mountain about these awesome "secret" functions to get people thrilled. It needs to do that now, not after it releases. And it needs many excellent applications in the shop.
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