The Price Of Full Disk Encryption : $232 Per User, Per Year

Summary: While costs vary dramatically based on factors such as organization size and the industry involved, the most expensive aspect of full disk encryption is the "user time incurred operating computer" featuring the technology.

Is it worth using complete hard drive protection (FDE)? According to research performed by Ponemon Institution (funded by WinMagic), the advantages far over-shadow the expenses.

The review, "Total Price of Possession for Full Disk Encryption," is based on a study of 1,335 IT and IT protection individuals in the U.S., the U.K., Malaysia and Asia and looks at the expenses and advantages associated with FDE.

"Encryption is essential to mitigating the destruction brought on by information breaches, submission with comfort and information protection rules, and protecting product and popularity," statements the review. "In order to make logical choices regarding the the best possible use of protection, you should view the all inclusive costs of ownership (TCO). This particularly relates to alternatives considered to be no cost but may have considerably greater TCO than professional products".

According to the review, the expenses rely on a variety of aspects. First is size of the organization: the bigger the company, the lower the expenses. Another varying is market. Intensely controlled sectors such as financial services have the greatest costs; while less controlled sectors such as enjoyment have the smallest expenses.

What's exciting in the review is the development that the most expensive element of FDE is not the protection components or application, but the "user time suffered managing computer with FDE". In other terms, the improved it takes to start up and close down a system presenting FDE.

Totaled up, the expenses of FDE work out at $232 per individual, per season in the U.S.  This increases to  $264 per individual, per season in Asia.  
So, if it expenses $232 per individual, per season, what are the benefits? After some serious variety bashing that used extrapolations from the study, Ponemon reports the advantages from decreased information violation experience be $4,650. 

In summary, the review declares that, "the value of FDE far exceeds the expenses by a aspect 4 to 20 with regards to the region". It goes on to point out that "the individual and IT expense of implementing and operating a complete hard drive protection remedy is much greater than the genuine application cost".

This, statements the review, "sheds a new light on purportedly 'free' protection remedy that come with managing systems" which "may have a considerably greater TCO in comparison to professional FDE alternatives that have a lowest effect on IT procedures and individual productivity".
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