Hands-On Testing Of Nokia Lumia 920 Shows Nokia Didn't Need To Lie About PureView Performance

Summary: Nokia made their big Windows Phone 8 announcement last week and unfortunately they deceived people with their video and still image ads for the Lumia 920. The Verge went out with Nokia to show that the Lumia 920 truly does have a great camera and there was no need to deceive people.

There are several different groups that perform on release activities and unfortunately the marketing people at Nokia put a serious damper on the technological innovation features of the new Nokia Lumia 920 when it protect about video clips and still images that were promoted as being taken by the Lumia 920. They were taken by professional camcorders, allegedly as a "demonstration" of what was possible with the Lumia 920. My buddy Slimmer Bohn at The Brink was able to go out to the New You are able to Main Playground site with Nokia and a Lumia 920 to catch images with it in an make an effort to reproduce the still images taken in low mild circumstances.

As is clearly proven in The Brink article, the Nokia Lumia 920 does indeed catch strong images in low mild circumstances and changes our still images better than any other present high end mobile phone (not keeping track of the awesome Nokia 808 PureView of course). They were not able to analyze out it clip picture stabilizing performance as this is allegedly not yet prepared even in the Lumia 920 model Nokia has on hand. It seems that it is not only Ms that has lots of perform to do on the software before release of Ms windows Cell phone 8 gadgets.

Nokia needs to win big here with these new Ms windows Cell phone 8 gadgets and beginning off by misleading people with their PureView technological innovation is not a good way to start. Nokia released an apology for it clip and another for the still images, but it is challenging to restore from such a PR catastrophe. At least Ms isn't prepared to release Ms windows Cell phone 8 soon so Nokia will have at least six several weeks to change the conversation and redirect interest for this gaffe.
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