22 Percent Of Android Users Willing To Dump Their Handset For iPhone 5

Summary: In all, 10 percent of those surveyed are preparing to wait in line to be one of the first to get their hands on the new iPhone, and a further 35 percent planning to buy one online on the day of released.

A study performed by on the internet store Techbargains indicates that 22 % of current Android operating system customers are preparing to dispose of their device in support of Apple's next iPhone.

The store, which questioned 1,332 individuals, discovered that of that 22 %, 7 % were going to buy the new iPhone as soon as it was available on the internet, while 3 % were willing to fearless the components and delay on the day of launch.

The staying 13 % did not have a set period of time in mind.

Note that the infographic wrongly is the term for the next iPhone as "the fifth creation phone". It will, actually, be the 6th creation iPhone.

BlackBerry entrepreneurs are even more cheating, with 38 % prepared to make the change to the new iPhone, and of that determine, 8 % were willing to delay to get one on the day it is launched.

Existing iPhone entrepreneurs are just as desperate to get their arms on the new iPhone. An amazing 64 % of iPhone 4S entrepreneurs plan to get the new device at some point, a determine that increases to 71 % for the iPhone 3GS.

Overall, the study revealed that 10 % were going to delay to be one of the first to get their arms on the new iPhone, and a further 35 % would be purchasing one on the internet on the day of launched.

As to the new functions that individuals want, it's really a record of the regular thinks. 93 % want better power supply, 90 % want a quicker processer, 83 % want 4G/LTE and 76 % want a larger display. Aside from the running factors, 66 % want a slimmer device, and 66 % want one that less heavy.

The team that is going to be most dissatisfied come the predicted introduction on Sept 12 are the 69 % of participants who want to see a micro-SD port on the new iPhone.
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