18K Phones With Same IMEI Number : Sibal

The Parliament was informed today that as many as 18,000 mobile phone devices were discovered to have the same IMEI variety. These conclusions have discovered the severe problem of IMEI cloning in our nation a little more. Of delayed, circumstances of IMEI cloning have been increasing. Although cloning of IMEI figures is not very common yet in the situation of CDMA devices, circumstances of cloning in the situation of GSM devices are aplenty. Mobile devices with duplicated IMEI figures cannot be monitored, making them a obstruction to nationwide protection.

In a response to the Rajya Sabha, Nation Reverend Kapil Sibal had written, "Two cases have come to notice wherein same IMEIs has been used in more than 18,000 mobile mobile phones." Sibal went on to add that it was challenging to distinguish between unique and replicate devices with the same IMEI variety. He added, "Department of Telecoms is analyzing the problem to discover out possible alternatives to take care of the problem of unlawful IMEI and use of same IMEI in different mobile mobile phones."

An IMEI or Worldwide Mobile Equipment Identification variety is a exclusive 15-digit value that is allocated to a device, and is exclusive to GSM, WCDMA and iDEN mobile phone devices as well as some satellite tv mobile phones. To view the IMEI variety of a device, switch *#06#. It works on most keypads. The IMEI variety is quick flashes on the operator's network when a call is made and allows government bodies to track individual. Naturally, with IMEI cloning, protection and cops officers organizations will see it tough to know who the actual individual is.

Even as the Telecoms Regulating Power of Native indian (TRAI) is working towards reducing the nuisance of bogus IMEI figures in the nation, an occurrence of IMEI tampering came to light, lately. Reviews went on to validate that the Patna cops have caught six individuals for modifying the IMEI amounts of mobile mobile phones and SIM cards without the phone master's authorization. They then used them on thieved mobile phones to make criminal activity.

Recent reports had confirmed that the Telecoms Regulating Power of Native indian (TRAI) was allegedly planning to approach the Industry and Market Ministry associated with the problem of prohibiting the transfer of mobile phones with bogus IMEI figures.

Previous circumstances of enemy strikes in the nation had led the govt to ban services on mobile phone devices with bogus IMEI figures after Nov 30, 2009. However, in a test that was performed in a telecom service area, govt government bodies discovered over 18,000 devices using the same IMEI variety, much to their scary. In a review that came in the Oct of 2009, Native indian Mobile Organization (ICA) Chief executive, Pankaj Mohindroo had said that although there aren't any formal research on the variety of devices without IMEI variety, market think was around 25 million.

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