ZTE Grand X : First Take

Summary: If you're looking for a large-screen Android 4.0 smartphone on a moderate budget, the ZTE Grand X is worth serious consideration.

Mobile mobile phones variety from all-singing, all-dancing £400+ gadgets — leading designs that show off what can be done with elements design — to sub-£100, even sub-£50 smartphones. The mid-range is very active, with produces competing to fit their mobile phones into different sub-segments, combining and related elements and functions to find a buyer-friendly lovely spot.

The os accountable for all this quantity of action is Android os, and every so often it tosses up a authentic abnormality. One such is the ZTE Huge X.

This mobile cellphone is an abnormality because for £200 on pay-as-you-go deal with Virgin mobile Press it offers a 4.3in. display, Android os 4.0 and a 1GHz dual-core processer. For a similar price, competitors usually offer an older Android os edition, a less capable processer and less sized display.

Even when you do get a higher-end function, such as the Android os 4.0 OS in the HTC Wish C, it's in addition to lower-end ones: the Wish C has a 3.5in. display and 600MHz processer, for example.

How has ZTE handled the accomplishment with the Huge X? Well, although you get some high-grade specifications for mid-grade money, there are jeopardises elsewhere.

For example, 5-megapixel camera is laggy, does not have a devoted option and provides regular to poor-quality pictures. Also, battery power is probably not up to the requirements of the dual-core processer — certainly if you want to do hefty game playing you'll need access to mains power. ZTE says there's 4GB of inner storage, but fresh out of the box, and after a hard totally reset to eliminate any hiding data, my evaluation example revealed just 1.5GB free.

Then there's the develop. The Huge X is a a little bit fat mobile cellphone at 9.9mm wide, and its nasty develop is ordinary. It's strong enough, but does not have any kind of 'look at me' attraction. My evaluation mobile mobile cellphone ran a little bit warm too.

Finally, ZTE has dropped to put any growth effort into skinning the Android os OS — although many might see that as a advantage.

Still, packaging the good functions into a £200 mobile mobile cellphone is quite a accomplishment, and in addition to the three headliners — processer, display size and Android os edition — there's support for HSPA with obtain connections of up to 21Mbps (network permitting).

If you're looking for a large-screen Android os 4.0 smart phone on a regular budget, then the ZTE Huge X is certainly worth serious consideration.
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