To Fight Apple-Flight, Microsoft Must Hang Tough On Surface

I don't see anything on the Windows 8 horizon aside from Surface that would rival Apple. So Microsoft needs to stick to its guns and execute on Surface.

 I just wish that Ms doesn't cavern to stress from associates to punt on Area.

The first community request came this weeks time from Acer, which, in impact, pleaded Ms to fall Area.

If that happens, Ms will drop the individual to The apple company for excellent. Probably earlier rather than later.

And if Acer is that concerned about Area, then it should out-design Ms or look elsewhere. Right now I don't see anything from Acer that would create me throw my MacBook and iPad.

But Area could. And it gets even more exciting when I see that Redmond is already working on Area 2.

(Of course, if Ms isn't able to adhere to through with a constant, efficient completed item that life up to the buzz, all wagers are off. In other terms, it needs to be as excellent as The apple company at performing.)

But whatever happens, Hewlett-Packard or Dell or Acer would never have designed of a Microsoft windows 8 Pro Area. It's not in their style DNA and Ms knows this better than anyone.

So, MS came up with a 10.6-inch, 903-gram system packaging a 1,920x1,080 show (that's some fairly serious pixel density), Small DislayPort (means I can connect it up to my The apple company Movies display), Primary i5 brand (let's wish it's a very power-frugal variety), and a 128GB solid-state generate and of course that 5mm-thick actual key pad.

To reverse Area, PC creators will practice a lot of Microsoft windows 8 puffery about their ultracool sports convertible or touch-screen ultrabook. I don't know about you, but I need more than that to give Microsoft windows 8 equivalent time on my pc.

OK, so Mac customers aren't going anywhere and Microsoft windows 8 indicates diddly-squat (or worse) to them. But that's not Windows purpose. It simply needs to staunch the circulation of defections to OS X and iOS.

Thus the May 15 Windows-8-plus-Surface pre-announcement. A soup-to-nuts application and components foundation that is unmistakably Apple-like. And suggests to trump The apple company and create Tim Prepare eat his refrigerator-toaster example in the procedure.

The only slightly justification for Ms to give up Area is if it instantly stimulated HP, Asus, Acer, et al to style customer gadgets that are chilly than Area and go head-to-head with The apple company.

Anyone out there think that's possible?
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