Nokia Lumia 920 Pureview And Lumia 820 Leaked On Twitter

The lenders big Windows Mobile cellphone 8 reports next weeks time just got a bit less amazing as pictures of the Htc Lumia 820 and Htc Lumia 920 hit Tweets.

Posted by @evleaks, quick becoming the bad thing of technical manufacturers' life, the two devices come with top quality pictures but not many other information.

The Htc Lumia 920 looks like the higher-end of the two, obviously arriving with PureView (which indicates a serious snapper) and a 4.5-inch show.

This could be the mobile phone formerly known as the Htc Lumia Phi despite the screen-size difference (Nokia commentator Eldar Murtazin said the Phi would have a 4.7-inch display).

Looks like there will be at least three colors available: greyish, yellow-colored and red (silly marketing-inspired titles TBC).

Double spectrum :

The Htc Lumia 820 is a bit small, with a 4.3-inch show and no PureView discuss.

The 820 is proven in a few more colors which we'll magic out for you here in situation you can't see colour: green, cyan, greyish, dark, bright, yellow-colored and red. 

Both devices are likely to be operating Windows Mobile cellphone 8 given the big Windows Mobile cellphone 8 and Htc reports that are planned for next weeks time – as for more specific internal specifications, we'll have to delay for the formal term (or the next leak).

Of course, there's no assurance that these pictures are for actual so we suggest the regular amount of sodium - but they look really legitimate to us.

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