New Jelly Bean OS leaks On T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S3

T-Mobile customers who own a New Samsung Universe S3 rejoice!

If you've been holding out with baited breathing for the Android operating system 4.1: Jam Bean upgrade of your mobile cellphone, delay no more.

Though the upgrade isn't expected to come until delayed Aug (the 29th, according to an unknown source) the OS upgrade was published for T-Mobile's variations of the mobile cellphone Saturday.

This follows just one weeks time after a review edition of the upgrade also made its way on the internet.

Jelly Bean fiends :

A user at XDA-Developers published the flow on a community, displaying off an OTA data file. Obviously, those looking to take advantage of the flow must run the inventory T-Mobile Ice Lotion Food ROM, or T999UVALH2, for those in the know.

Unlike the review edition that hit on the internet the other day, this one doesn't appear to have U.S. limitations. However, there is plenty unreliable about this flow to give even the bravest fake downloaders stop.

Uploading the flow might not be in Universe SIII owners best interests: reviews of main lose, structural Wi-Fi contacting and insects related to the inventory web browser and video player.

Google Now performance is picky too and common performance are affected with the restart.

If those information don't dissuade you, then go for the Bean.

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