Microsoft's Surface Strategy May Force Us To Find Another Platform : Acer

Summary: The maker has cautioned that it and its competitors may need to look for an substitute foundation to Ms windows if Ms seriously goes into the components business

Acer go JT Wang has advised Ms to reevaluate launching its own Area components, caution that the shift will be bad for producers such as Acer.

Wang became the first primary of a PC producer to criticise Windows shift, when he informed the Economical Times on Thursday that Area risked eliciting a bad response from the Ms windows company's recognized components environment. The involvement came days after Ms itself cautioned of accurately the same thing, in a regulating processing.

"We have said think it over," Wang was estimated as saying. "Think twice. It will make a large adverse effect for the environment and other manufacturers may take a bad response. It is not something you are good at so please think twice."

Surface is an development of the Ms windows PC, but also Windows big wish in rivalling the iPad and Operating system operating system mobile phone pills — gadgets that are starting to supersede notebooks for some customers, at the same time currently a relatively few.

Wang's take care of may have been stiffened by a latest Ms writing that described Area as Windows "new family of PCs" — formerly, it was just one system that could probably have been considered as a shift to activate producers to enhance their own Ms windows product styles.

In the same item, the FT estimated Acer's international PC function primary Campbell Kan as saying Acer was discussing whether to "find other alternatives" to Ms windows, if Ms was really making a serious shift into the components market.

The first Area product — or rather, two pills, as one will use ARM structure and the other Apple x86 — will be launched together with Ms windows 8 on 26 Oct.
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