Microsoft Said To Block Ability To BOOT Straight To Desktop In Windows 8

If you were one of those company customers depending on being able to circument the new tiled Ms windows 8 begin selection, you may be dissatisfied.

The last release-to-manufacturing (RTM) creates of Ms windows 8 and Ms windows Hosting server 2012 have been dripping to the Web for last few days. Those with access to the ultimate creates are finding the ultimate modifications Ms made to the product since the last public analyze develop, Ms windows 8 Launch Review, was provided.

One of those modifications is the choice to block customers from setting up their Ms windows 8 machines to begin immediately to the Pc, circumventing the tiled Start display, formerly known as the City display. (There's still no exterior term as to how Ms is planning to rebrand "Metro." It seems the Softies are support away from the City language due to pressure of some kind from City AG, one of its Western retail associates.)

Rafael Rivera, coauthor of the approaching Ms windows 8 Secrets, said he has confirmed that customers cannot begin immediately to the Pc in Ms windows 8. With Ms windows 8 analyze creates, customers could create quick way that changes to the Ms windows 8 Pc. Those who didn't want to begin to the tiled Start display could schedule this quick way to be triggered soon after a user signed onto Ms windows 8.

Some other customers were holding out hope that Ms would allow staff to use Group Policy to allow customers to avoid the City start-up display. But Rivera told me he considers this also is clogged.

It's important to note there are a number of key pad strategies in Ms windows 8 designed to help customers who want to reduce their relationships with the tiled user interface to begin into and out of the Pc more quickly. (See the Ms windows + D, Ms windows + B and Ms windows + M ones, particularly.)

(I've asked Ms to thoughts as to whether this is the case. No term back so far.)

While many like the tiled City begin display and are looking forward to using it on contact pills and PCs, many others aren't interested in it -- especially company customers who are assured that City will be a hassle, especially on non-touch-enabled components, especially given they plan to live primaril in the Pc app on Ms windows 8.

Speaking of what company customers like and don't about Ms windows 8, sibling site TechRepublic has released outcomes of its study of 3,000-plus IT professionals about Ms windows 8. They've released an interesting list of the top Ms windows 8 benefits and drawbacks, based on outcomes of those they questioned. Not too amazingly, the amount of required training -- despite the addition into the start-up series of animated graphics indicating some of the new Ms windows routing techniques.

For those still lamenting Windows choice to do away with the Start option on Ms windows 8, there's always Stardock's Start8. One of my visitors, Mark Country, says Start8 still works on the Ms windows 8 RTM develop.

And before a lot of my visitors grumble that folks wanting to begin to Pc or keep the Start Button are a lot of whiners, I'd point out -- as mentioned in the TechRepublic IT pro study mentioned above -- that many company customers are afraid of the money they are going to need to spend to study Ms windows customers with Ms windows 8. That's a genuine concern, in my opinion.

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