Microsoft Research Looks Into Click-Spam Issue

A huge number of internet sites rely on earnings obtained via banner ad campaigns, and sites get even more money when its guests simply select an ad banner. However, nowadays, web promoters have had to deal with "click-spam" frauds, where ad banner ads seem to be focused. In many cases, the click-throughs have no actual interest in seeing the website behind the ad and just want to produce more income from the ad banner.

This issue can cost web promoters huge amount of money without any actual benefit to them. Now three scientists have come up with a new way to evaluate web ad traffic, such as those that are a part of a "click-spam" fraud.

In a publish on the Inside Ms Analysis page, the company speaks about the document, "Measuring and Fingerprinting Click-Spam in Ad Systems." Two of the three individuals who proved helpful on the document, Vacha Lady and Saikat Guha, have also proved helpful at Ms Analysis Indian. Ms says that the document "provides the first separate technique for promoters to evaluate click-spam on their ads—and provides an computerized method for ad networks to identify multiple click-spam strikes proactively."

The document also reveals what the studies declare are the low quality of banner ad campaigns made for cellular phone gadgets. Guha says, "For a respected ad system, only one out of 20 individuals simply clicking our ad remained for longer than five a few moments. We suppose this is because individuals mis-clicked the ad due to the small mobile-screen styles and quickly hit the back option."
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