Google Translate Can Now Translate Text In Images Through Phone's Camera

Summary: Google's Android translation app can now recognise and translate text just by looking at it - a feature that has actually been around in the company's Goggles app for over two years.

Google has pushed out a new version of its Translate app for Android, adding optical character recognition to the linguistic toolkit.

The function means customers can, for example, use their Android operating system cell phone's photographic camera to take images of a selection in a language, then have the app convert the writing into their own dialect.

The user just has to practice the photographic camera on the writing, then sweep the writing they want converted with their handy. They also have to be using Android operating system 2.3 or higher.

Although the function is new to Search engines Translate — it was included on Friday — it is now more than two years since Search engines included the same performance to its Scope app, which is entirely based around picture identification.

Within Translate, though, visual personality identification (OCR) suits in perfectly as part of a more targeted device set.

Still in leader after 18 months, the most serious device in that set is probably speech-to-speech interpretation, which in theory allows two people to talk with each other in different dialects with the app performing as a interpretation for both events.
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