EA Announces 'Something BIG' Is Coming

Digital Artistry is one of the greatest titles in the game playing market. So when it makes even the tiniest of reports, it’s limited to be something big. Lately, on the Tweets account for EA Games Modern australia, @EA_Australia, the organization tweeted that something big is arriving.

The actual twitter flows, “Something BIG is arriving... More information this week.” This has led to many rumors. Many players are questioning that the capitalisation of the phrase big could mean that the experience posting massive is re-energizing its EA Sports BIG brand, resulting in what could be a number of different games, such as NBA Road and SSX. EA also revealed images with the twitter that says “Stay Updated...” against a backdrop that is been blurry.

This could also be something related to the business's greatest series, Battleground, as recently, EA had estimated the possible launch schedules for Battleground 4 during an income contact. Battleground 4, the follow up for the extremely effective Battleground 3, may deliver between Apr 2013 and Objective 2014, according to the predictions by EA created during its every quarter business contact. EA’s Honest Gibeau created the predictions during the contact, where EA indicated enjoyment about the future of the Battleground and Respect of Respect operations.

EA just didn't say much about Battleground 4 apart from the projector screen of the discharge date. The organization seems much more targeted on its future first person present shooter - Respect of Honor: Warfighter. "Our goal with Respect of Respect was to mix factors up a bit. We modified the tech-base from the A fantasy Website to the Frostbite engine. We included some sources from our DICE facilities in Stockholm, and we've tried some very impressive factors now around with multi-player."

Most of the revenue of Respect of Honor: Warfighter will probably come from the likelihood of getting early access to the Battleground 4 try out, when it is launched in 2013. Experts recently reduced the predictions for revenue of Respect of Honor: Warfighter, due to how bad the restart launched truly was.

This would not be once a organization has tried to sell a activity title by combining it with the trial of another activity. During the PlayStation 2 era, Konami delivered the trial for the extremely expected Steel Equipment Strong 2: Kids of Freedom with the experience Area of the Enders that marketed very well despite being a typical activity because of the trial for Steel Equipment Strong 2.

As of now, there is little or no information about Battleground 4, but Respect of Honor: Warfighter will be created using DICE’s Frostbite 2.0 engine, the same engine fuelling Battleground 3. Respect of Honor’s multi-player, which was designed by DICE, will now be designed in-house by Risk Close.
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