Bitdefender Releases Tool For Removing Gauss Financial Malware

Summary: Multiple security firms are now offering clean-up tools that target the password- and cookie-stealing malware, and both Kaspersky and Bitdefender reckon it's another state-sponsored security issue.

The protection company Bitdefender has launched a clean-up resource for those who think their PCs might be contaminated with the Gauss viruses.

Gauss, which was outed by Kaspersky the other day, is economical espionage viruses that holds some likeness to the Fire computer virus, found returning in May. Gauss can grab sign in experience and treats, and objectives e-banking, online community and e-mail options.

Like Kaspersky, Bitdefender is of the viewpoint that Gauss is a "state-sponsored cyber-weapon", of the same ilk as Fire and Stuxnet.

"This encourages us about the point that cyber-warfare is going into the economical sector: searching the roots and location of cash, and who is financing what functions," Bitdefender primary protection specialist Catalin Cosoi said in a declaration.

Stuxnet is commonly considered to have been designed by the US and Israel. Two decades ago it was used to ruin Iranian atomic features.

Gauss has so far been used to grab information from Lebanese financial institutions such as the Financial institution of Beirut and Credit score Libanais, although Citibank and PayPal clients have also been focused.

The viruses has one particularly inquisitive characteristic: it seems to set up a customized typeface known as Palida Filter onto victims' computer systems. This creates the job of elimination resources from Bitdefender and Kaspersky somewhat simpler, as they can look for the distinguishing typeface.
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