Mozilla Releases Firefox 14, It Supposts Full Screen To Macs

Early last month, Mozilla had formally launched Chrome 13, which was a significant update and following up on that build, Mozilla have lately declared the option Chrome 14. Though the update may not be as popular as that of Chrome 13, Mozilla has added a many new functions in this newest update, with concern given to security.

As per a writing, Mozilla declares, “Firefox has new functions that create surfing around more protected and Web programs like games more highly effective.” It declares that it Chrome instantly protects Look for applications queries to protected a customer's data from possibly spying eyes such as network staff, when using public or distributed Wi-Fi systems. Look for applications is currently the only search engine optimization that allows Chrome to create a customer's queries private, but Mozilla is looking forward to assisting additional google with this feature in the future.
The brand also goes on to state that Firefox makes it much simpler to see a site's confirmed identification by changing the way that a user shows the symbol to the left of the URL. They add, “For designers, Firefox now can handle Suggestion Secure API to allow programs, such as first-person games to better control the rabbit. Firefox now can handle local full screen function on OS X Lion 10.7 for a better encounter with video clips and Web games like Mozilla’s BrowserQuest.”

Commenting on the newest edition of Firefox, a review by The Inquirer declares, “It mentioned its own HTML5 Browserquest game as an example of enhanced efficiency. With HTML5 predicted to become the markup language of choice for web-based games designers, it seems a very fun for Firefox to back up it. Since Mozilla has put Firefox on its six-week fast launch routine the company has come in for music critique, with some people within Mozilla's programmer group asking whether the shift has led to customers rushing to Firefox. Although Mozilla has created an prolonged assistance launch of Firefox, the problems Mozilla has had getting customers to obtain and set up the standard edition recommend that only the most informed customers will shift to the long-term launch.”

To obtain the newest edition of Firefox, follow the link here.

If you are in the dark about what Firefox 13 was about, here is a quick insight: Firefox 13 made it quicker and simpler to get where one wants to go on the Web with a remodeled House Web page and New Tab encounter. The House Web page now contains symbols at the bottom of the page to give one quick access to favorites, history, configurations, add-ons, downloading and synchronize choices with one-click strategies. When one reveals a new tab, they will see pictures of their most lately and frequently frequented websites. One can change the New Tab page by including or eliminating pictures depending on where they go the most.

Mozilla stated that it now can handle SPDY by standard to make surfing around more secure. They describe by declaring, “SPDY is a method designed as a heir to HTTP that decreases how long it takes for websites to fill. You will notice quicker page loading time on websites that assistance SPDY marketing, like Google and Tweets.”

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