Developer Says : Android Is Designed For Piracy,

 A week ago we revealed on one Android Operating system developer’s choice to look at a totally able to perform design after some massive piracy scores, and now one programmer is saying that Operating system is developed for piracy. He Gemmell, an iOS and OS X programmer, places blame Android’s piracy issue on the platform’s visibility, and namely “the harsh mindset that encompasses such visibility.”

The issue is not that it’s difficult to buy Operating system applications, or that it’s too costly. Actually, Gemmell believes that the serious cheapness of cell cellphone applications is a issue in and of itself. The issue, he says, is that it’s just too simple to grab applications. It’s only a issue of installing the computer file from some unclear resource and losing it into your device’s generate.

The end outcome of all this could end up being the complete stagnation of the Operating system foundation, as designers create a huge exodus to more successful systems, like iOS and Windows Phone. The only other choice would be plastering advertising over everything, and even then, someone will just discover a way to prevent those.

Now, Gemmell says that the only remedy is securing down Operating system, but that does not actually mean securing it down in the same way that The apple company selects to secure iOS down. Locking down really just indicates creating it a little bit more complicated to rip off one's perform – there is no purpose that piracy should be as simple as installing something and losing it into your system. Sure, no one is going to seal out piracy, and individuals will see a way around it, but comfort creates a big distinction.
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