DeskNotifier Brings Android Notifications To Your Windows Desktop

Have you ever found yourself at your PC without your phone at hand, only to later realize that you’ve missed an important call or text? Perhaps you’re just too lazy to get up and grab your device—or maybe, that’s just me. In any case, it would be great if you could receive all the notifications from your device straight to the desktop on your PC. And it would be even better if you could also respond without actually having the device in hand. Well, now you can.

Developer greenday123 has developed DeskNotifier to allow you do just that—have your device notifications pushed straight to your Windows desktop and send SMS messages to anybody in your contact list without even touching the device itself. Simply install the relevant software on your PC and the app on your phone, and then pair the two via USB or WiFi, and your all set.

The app runs as a background service and receives various notifications such as calls and texts. It also receives notifications from third party apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Gmail, etc. In my experience testing the app, it will essentially notify you of anything that appears in your notification drawer. Just don’t do something stupid like trying to get it running without first installing the PC software. I guess that’s what I get for trying to think before my morning coffee.

The application should work with most devices, and is available in both English and German.

Screenshots :

App Setting  for Andriod :

App Setting for PC:

What's DeskNotifier?

DeskNotifier forwards all the Notifications from your Android phone to your PC. This is very useful if you spend much time on your PC and don't want to check your phone every time it vibrates.
Which notifications are shown?

DeskNotifier shows all the notifications from the Android system and from all your third party Apps.
Here are some examples:

    * Calls
    * Text Messages (You can answer instantly from your PC!)
    * WhatsApp Messenger
    * Viber
    * Astrid Tasks
    * Facebook
    * ... and much more!

Generally DeskNotifier works with all kinds of third party apps.
If there's a problem with your favorite app, please report it in the contact section! Thank you!
Where can I download DeskNotifier?

You can find the App and the PC software on our download page!
Why all the permissions?

    * The internet permission is used for connecting to your PC via Wifi.
    * Receive SMS permission is used for displaying your incoming text messages.
    * Send SMS is used for the instant response.
    * Read SMS | Write SMS is used to save your sent messages to your sent messages folder.
    * Read Contacts is used to assign names to calling numbers.
    * Read Phone State is used to read the battery status.
    * Start on Boot is used to start at phone boot.
    * Acces WIFI State is used to get your wifi IP.

For More Information about DeskNotifier - Click Here
Download DeskNotifier For Android  - Mirror1 Mirror2
Download DeskNotifier For PC  - Mirror1 Mirror2
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