News Update On LOL & HAHA Factor : Haha Vs LOL - Facebook Finds Out Which 'E-Laugh' Rules

New Delhi: Which type of an e-laugh user are you? The frequent ‘LOL’ one or the ‘Haha’ one, or do you like to use ‘hehe’ or prefer sending emoji over text?

Social networking giant Facebook has published its data on the not-so-universal language of laughter which reveals that the written laughter varies by age and gender.
The study analysed de-identified posts and comments with at least one string of characters matching laughter. The regular expressions for laughter were automatically identified in texts, including variants such as haha, hehe, emoji, and lol.
It was found that the most common e-laugh was ‘haha’ followed by various emojis denoting laughter and ‘hehe’.

Young people and women prefer emoji while men prefer longer ‘hehes’. Across genders, both men and women used more of ‘haha’ and ‘emoji’, followed by ‘hehe’ and ‘lol’.
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