Gingerbread Still Rules Android As Jelly Bean Adoption Grows Slowly

The variety of Android operating system gadgets operating Jelly Bean is growing continuously, while Ice Cream Sandwich seems to have actually peaked, as its overall discuss dropped a little bit since last 30 days, according to Google monthly upgrade of the Android operating system Foundation Editions page.

The latest Android operating system versions, 4.1 and 4.2, have seen a strong development of nearly 3.4 % since Jan, from 10.2 to 13.6 in Feb.  Edition 4.1 of Jelly Bean alone saw a jump of a huge 3.2 % since last 30 days, when its discuss was only 9 %. Jelly Bean 4.2 too has seen a small-but-sure development of 0.2 % from 1.2 to 1.4, showing promise for system before the next form of Android operating system comes in. 

However, Gingerbread still seems to be lording over a huge slice of the gadgets operating the OS, with a huge 45.6 % of gadgets still operating version 5.3 of the OS. Note that Gingerbread is quite old at this point of your energy and energy and effort and such a lot of gadgets operating an obsolete form of the OS means that cyber-criminals have a lot of gadgets with older software to manipulate. 

Ice Cream Sandwich has carried the impact of inappropriate phasing, with the development of version 4.0 of Android operating system being slower at 29 %. Effectively, dropping numbers suggest that ICS might never hit the 30 % indicate. Unfortunately enough, Google shows that 8 % of Android operating system gadgets are operating Froyo.

However, with the way Jelly Bean adopting has taken off, it will not be long before it takes the second place from ICS. For initially now, we’ve seen ICS actually shed a few points, directing to the fact that maybe it has actually peaked. Whether or not this is correct, we’ll know within a few months’ time.

Last 30 days saw some really important changes in the Android operating system business. While Jellybean surpassed the 10 % discuss of the android pie, Gingerbread dropped below the 50 % indicate, and Froyo silently fallen below the 10 % indicate.

The latest form of Android operating system is seeing rapid development thanks to more recent mobile phones like Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and the Nexus pills. High-end mobile phones being given as gifts during Christmas and the christmas season too has been recognized as a primary reason for the rapid development in the variety of gadgets operating Jelly Bean. Besides new gadgets, Jelly Bean being combined out to gadgets operating ICS is the standard with most device producers today.

An interesting scene has been set for the release of Android operating system version 5.0,  stated to be called Key Lime Pie, which is stated to hit the industry in spring 2013. The release of the latest Android operating system version is bound to cause an difficulty in system landscape yet again.
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