India Setting Up Cyber Security Architecture: NSA

Native indian is creating nationwide online protection structure to secure details facilities and other systems, National Security Consultant (NSA) Shivshankar Menon said Thursday. "The National Security Authorities has accepted the structure in concept and we are working out the execution details with the ministries and organizations concerned, which we hope to take to cupboard for acceptance soon," said Menon, providing the 8th Raja Ramanna Funeral service Session at the state-run National Institution of Innovative Studies (NIAS) here.

The suggested structure will include tracking, qualifications and guarantee of systems by specific organizations and bodies using the law. It will also include capacity and power for functions in cyberspace."The goal is to prevent destroy, espionage and other forms of online strikes, which could hurt us. A nationwide online protection manager in the National Security Authorities secretariat will bring this work together," Menon said. 
In this perspective, Menon said the secretary of state for devices and technology is in the process of establishing a devoted rubber wafer production (fab) service to generate advanced edition of snacks for use in high-tech, delicate and vital set ups such satellite, atomic power programs, defense businesses involved in the production of weaponry, missiles and electronic combat.

"The fab service will generate semiconductor snacks used in the making of nationwide resources comprising different areas such as area, atomic, army, details systems, protection systems and data centers," he said. The structure will also secure details facilities and public systems with protection position and ability to reply to events and risks."We are lucky in having the people with skills, hard and software programs and knowledge to take up the committed project," Menon added.

Ramanna was a recognized atomic researcher and is considered as father of the Native indian atomic program of over four decades and designer of the nation's first atomic test in May 1974. He accepted away in 2004.
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