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Summary: Windows 8 is suitable for all businesses, but some companies are better off with Windows 7, according to Avanade CTO Adam Wengert.

 While Ms windows 8 is appropriate for organizations across the panel, an update to Ms windows 7 will be preferable for some organizations, according to Avanade CTO Adam Wengert.

Part possessed by Ms, the company company specializes in implementing the retailer's technology to customers, which now contains the recently launched Ms windows 8 os.

Armed with a lot of working encounter on the new os, and despite Windows positive outlook that Ms windows 8 will win over the company, Wengert is aware of the unwillingness of CIOs to leap on panel.

Many companies are spurning Ms windows 8. Credit Partnership Sydney doesn't look for the os powerful, while the Earth Bank informed ZDNet that it will be moving to Ms windows 8 only because there are no realistic solutions. Windows Surface product isn't tickling the elegant of many CIOs, either.

While he believes that Ms windows 8 is appropriate for all companies, Wengert admitted that some organizations are better off with Ms windows 7.

"In truth, if our customers are already on the street to Ms windows 7, or if they're on XP and want to take the next step, we think Ms windows 7 is a fantastic position to area," he informed ZDNet. "From an company viewpoint, with regards to scalability, protection, incorporation, and so on, Ms windows 7 satisfies the level."

Wengert is aware of that CIOs may not discover Ms windows 8 all that attractive if they are looking for an os to fix certain pain points. Instead, what Ms windows 8 does is present organizations with new possibilities to change how they function, he said.

"What Ms windows 8 does is present a new factor into the Ms package, and position it with what the source has always been great at, which is the pc encounter,"
Wengert said. "It delivers in new methods for enterprise-quality gadgets to get into organizations.

"This makes [mobile gadgets in the enterprise] more controllable, and can be easily incorporated in contrast to the situation we have these days.

"We think organizations are going to look at Ms windows 8, because they have possibilities to actually improve how they do company."

Some organizations will be thinking about how they can update the way they work to take advantage of what Ms windows 8 can offer, which is greater incorporation between pc and cellular phone gadgets, according to Wengert.

Microsoft Sydney company team innovator Tina Flammer informed ZDNet last week that features such as Ms windows To Go, which is available on Ms windows 8 Enterprise edition and allows customers to start an imaged edition of the os on any system that fits lowest specifications requirements, will be very attractive to companies, and will be a car owner for Ms windows 8 usage.


Avanade has a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) plan in position, where employees are motivated to buy their own gadgets through a device finance from the organization.

In light of the Ms windows 8 release, Avanade is looking at presenting a choose-your-own-device (CYOD) choice, whereby employees can pick a Ms windows 8-based system from a small, set list. This may include convertibles and pills, such as the Ms Surface or Dell Permission 10, according to Wengert.

Despite having a BYOD plan in position, Avanade much likes the CYOD choice.

"I think CYOD is absolutely where our organization is going, and it's where we're seeing our customers trim toward," Wengert said. "We're pretty thrilled, because with Ms windows 8, you really have an opportunity to do that without compromising some of the protection and just standardisation components organizations are being affected by these days across the different OSes they support."

While BYOD is a hot pattern right now, IDC cellular specialist Tim Dillion said in Aug that organizations won't spend less through BYOD, and they are much better off going with CYOD.
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