From Windows 8 To Windows 7: Why I Downgraded

Summary: Windows 8 is certainly an ambitious effort on the behalf of Microsoft, but it seems I'm missing something that's keeping me from enjoying it and I'm curious to see who feels the same.

I desired to really like Ms windows 8. I really did. But despite my previous curved as a Ms "fanboy" (a brand-loyal personal who extremley claims the glories of said item that, in their sight, can do no wrong), it didn't take lengthy for me to confirm much of the prejudice I went into Ms windows 8 RTM with: a prejudice established not from the opinions and encounters of others, but from my own encounters that started with my first hands-on Ms windows 8 encounter returning in Nov 2011 at Windows first BUILD meeting.

I did not get the exposure returning then, and I fall short even more to get it now.

For those of you who aren't acquainted with my previous efforts, I was an OS geek -- particularly, a devoted Ms windows fan. I set up leader and try out creates of Ms windows almost everyday (during the Whistler and Longhorn days); consistently compromised my way through DLLs, personal computer important factors, etc. to discover even the least clues of invisible methods that would fall down to what Ms had up its sleeve; seriously desired to perform on the Ms windows group in some capacity; and I even ran (and still run, at the same time much less frequently) a Microsoft-centric weblog. All that to say that I used to be unapologetically enthusiastic and thrilled about Ms windows. Though that isn't the situation any longer, it creates sense that I might always have some kind of a new in Ms windows.

As I mentioned previously, I first handled some hands-on time with Ms windows 8 on a item at BUILD last season. This came after the keynote that had me thrilled to try out their newfangled project. As opposed to the apparently facile consumer encounter represented on level, the hands-on encounter was wonky, complicated, and unenjoyable, to say the least. And that was on a program (a tablet) this OS has so obviously been designed for UI-wise. Then, I tried it on a laptop and... I was puzzled. Despite my encounters, I stayed positive about the ultimate item.

Fast ahead to Ms windows 8 RTM and, amazingly, my encounters last season aren't very far eliminated from those I've knowledgeable over previous times few several weeks. And believe you me, I properly tried to provide this OS a opportunity -- energizing through the problems and stumbling blocks I terrifying suffering from again. After all, if I took enough a opportunity to keep studying OS X, then I could at least do the same with the present edition of an OS I so used to really like, right?

And that's it! That's why I reduced from Ms windows 8. The end!

Just joking.

So, what, particularly, was it that I hated so much about Ms windows 8? Mainly, I can't take a position the new UI. I didn't like it from day 1, I don't like it now, and I don't have the attention or tolerance to power myself to like it (which, despite the variety of positive methods I've seen other individuals whirl it, is what you have to do if you wish have fun with it -- especially with a rabbit button and keyboard).

Now, let me move on and identify the distinction between not preference it and not being able to use it. I was able to use it just excellent, after about an time or so of repeating. I modified, but never once did I like it. Yes, I desired the Begin selection back; and if you're fed up with listening to individuals say it, then maybe there's really something to it. Also, I recognize there are applications that will re-implement a Begin selection in Ms windows 8, but that COMPLETELY beats the whole objective of Ms windows 8's new UI.

"Well, Ms windows 8 has some considerable performance improvements, Stephen!" Maybe real, but there's a factor at which you only recognize these improvements when operating standards or being informed they are available. Though Ms windows 8 sensed no snappier to me or more improved than Ms windows seven, it's well important to note that my program is consists of some rather powerful components (Core-i7 3920XM CPU, 32GB RAM, 2 680M GPUs, SSDs, etc.), so that could have everything to do with this understanding of my own. Either way, the only advantage that I, individually, see in improving to Ms windows 8 is the factor that Ms windows seven will one day be obsolete. And by that period, I'm depending on Ms windows 9 or Ms windows 10 to provide me something more than just that.

But you know what? Saying such a factor only asks the following question: "Just what is it that you want in Ms windows 9 or Ms windows 10 that Ms windows 8 doesn't have, Stephen, you overly-critical guy, you?" Excellent query, to which my response is, "NOTHING!" There isn't only one factor I want that Ms windows seven doesn't provide me -- yet another objective that improving to Ms windows 8 is but an vacant probability to me. Ms windows seven, challenge I say, is the most ideal OS for me -- or, to put it another way, sometimes, last seasons design really is better than the newest. I say this as a issue of viewpoint, of course.

Lastly, the objective I hated Ms windows 8 as much as I did was the deficiency of understanding. Sure, it's Ms windows, but it's also not Ms windows at all. Instead of it being fun to understand this new edition of Ms windows (yes, I discovered previous variations of Ms windows pleasant to learn), it was originally challenging, different, and challenging of the most virtuous of tolerance. Everything that creates it at all similar to previous variations of Ms windows seems like it was placed there halfheartedly just to please individuals like me -- individuals who will certainly be coloured as not willing to let go of what's relaxed, acquainted, and productivity-inducing. Plus, best of fortune problem solving when problems occur, which delivers me to one more problem I had. You see, it's not just about Ms windows 8; it's about problem solving problems with 3rd-party applications, activities, etc. And that's after studying the variations between Contemporary applications and conventional applications.

To near, I have a lot of co-workers and buddies who seriously don't agree with my viewpoint, and that's okay. I get Ms windows 8. It's not challenging to use; it's just unenjoyable to use, for me. There isn't a question in my thoughts that there are many individuals who appreciate Ms windows 8, and, in contrast to how this content may create me seem, I am start to modify. Perhaps Ms windows 8 will be something I have the tolerance to project once more later on, and who knows; maybe I'll even discover myself suffering from it and having a laugh at the believed of this content.

That's the optimist in me, though. The realist in me says Ms windows 8 will be originally I properly miss a edition of Windows; not because I don't like Ms windows 8 just that much, but because I like Ms windows seven as much as I do. Going to Ms windows 8 doesn't just mean moving to a new OS; it indicates quitting an OS that, quite seriously, I really like.

Either way, Ms still has me as a customer, so it's still somewhat of a win for them, I assume. Here's to expecting Ms controls to do something truly value improving to later on for customers like me. And for those of you who might be compelled to use it in the office, I'm sorry.

What do you think about Ms windows 8? Is it an affordable solution to Ms windows seven, especially in the workplace? Where that's worried, are you operating for a organization that has combined out Ms windows 8?
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