Apple iPad Mini: The Teardown

Summary: Tiny screws, along with copious amounts of adhesive holding components in place, makes taking apart Apple's latest iPad mini a real challenge.

Last month, The apple company put technology groups out of their agony by lastly introduction the iPad's Minier scaled sibling, the iPad Mini. Fix professionals from iFixit have handled to get their hands on one and done with it what they do best: they've taken it apart so we can see what makes it mark.

The teardown exposed some new information, and verified some other things that we either already realized or had thought at.

First, the iPad Mini is the first in the iPad line to have music sound system. The full-sized iPads currently function mono-speakers. This should make the sound outcome quality from the device much better.

The iPad Mini is operated by a 3.72 v., 16.5 Whr, 4400 mAh power supply. This is considerably Minier scaled than the large 43 Whr power supply in the iPad 3, and Minier scaled even than the 25 Whr power supply in the iPad 2.

The iPad Mini is organised together using some very Mini nails, which are not only nearly impossible to find but also easy to lose. According to iFixit us president Kyle Wiens: "This iPad contains some of the tiniest nails we have ever seen!"

The iPad Mini also seems to discuss a variety of elements from other The apple company products. For example, the A5 processor processor is the same as that discovered in the newest iPod touch, while the Murata 339S0171 Wi-Fi processor is the same as discovered in the iPhone 5.

iFixit cannot validate who built the show in the torn-down iPad Mini, but it is "likely" that is was made by New samsung. Supply sequence reviews recommend that AU Optronics and LG Display are also offering The apple company with shows for the iPad Mini.

Despite the point that the digital (LCD) and cup are not merged together and can be changed individually, and that power supply is not soldered to the reasoning panel, iFixit only give the iPad Mini a reparability ranking of two out of 10 (where 10 is simplest to repair).

Black represents against the iPad Mini include the Mini nails, the large amounts of sticky that The apple company uses to hold a variety of elements in place -- such as the top side cup, reasoning panel, power supply, front side photographic camera, back photographic camera, and lace cords -- and the point that the Super plug is soldered to the reasoning panel, so any damage to the plug means having to substitute the entire reasoning panel.
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