Google Releasing New Nexus Device This Month?

Rumour has it that Google will launch a new leading Nexus Phone at some factor in Oct.

We've been listening to inklings of our own, supported by AndroidAndMe's "three different market sources" who say that the new system has "already leaked" on the internet.

Before you get too thrilled supposing that a new leading Nexus indicates we're in for a piece of Key Calcium Pie, the same resources say that it will launch with a new edition of Jam Vegetable rather than a significant application update.

Speculate :

But the components might just be interesting enough to keep us going into the new year; given that it may have already released, we're looking at a Samsung-made Universe Nexus 2, a cheap Nexus 7 or perhaps a bigger HTC Nexus 5.

Given that Asus has poo-pooed the concept of a bargain-basement Nexus product and that we're anticipating a leading smart Phone rather than another standing, we'd concept that one out of the operating.

So will it be New samsung or LG that's next to phase up to the Nexus plate? Or even that leftfield HTC contender? We should know by the end of the 30 days.

Another prospective smart Phone to add to the Xmas wishlist – we must have been really really excellent this season.

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