2 Weeks On The Road: The Dell XPS 13 Vs. The MacBook Air

Summary: The Dell XPS 13 is a "symbol of hope for the Ultrabooks," writes Forrester's David Johnson. Just don't use it while eating a cheeseburger. 

This journey is off to a difficult begin, I keep in mind considering as I stepped off the aircraft through the same checkpoint I'd boarded it Half an hour previously. Seems there was an website issue. No sites available to connect my MacBook Air into so returning on battery energy while the commercial airline trades airplane. I should have taken it as a caution. I lastly did arrive at London, uk, only to have the People from france army weather the TGV place at Charles de Gaulle with device weapons because someone remaining a bag unwatched outside the place. Skipped my practice, re-booked on the next one but reduced to the chairs with no energy sites because there were no chairs remaining in 1st category. A longer period on battery energy.

Switched teaches in Lille Portugal place to panel the Eurostar. Sat down in my chair at a desk across from an eye-catching lady who seemed frustrated to have to discuss the area. She could not know the dilemma that was to come. Finally connected in the Mac after more than 7 time use since the last cost, and quickly dropped off before I could do any perform. Next factor I keep in mind was getting out of bed and seeing my seatmate wincing as if to say "ewww". As my feelings began throwing in I observed I had a sequence of spit from my base lip to my clothing. The dimension the wet spot on my clothing was an idea that it had been going on for a while. Ahhh jet lag.

The harm done, I realized I had nothing more to reduce by taking out my second pc, a Dell XPS 13, and hogging even a little more area. Bad shift. She grabbed her factors and shifted to an vacant chair. It exercised though because now I had a second store to connect into. 
All in a daily perform for the street enthusiast. I'm holding 2 pc systems on this journey so I can get a feeling of what one of the better records in the Ultrabook type of PCs is like to perform with on the street, together with my quite a while preferred MacBook Air. So far, so excellent but a few factors to note:
  • With a little conservation of screen brightness, shutting off WiFi and Bluetooth on the plane, and making sure I close down resource-intensive apps, I can usually get 7+ hours' use on the MacBook Air before I have to find an outlet. That's fantastic for international travel days.
  • The best I've been able to do on the Dell so far is a little under 5 hours. To be fair though, I haven't had much time with it yet to find out how best to optimize power. One problem though is that the Dell seems to chew through its battery in 24 hours on standby.
  • The MacBook Air has a better screen. It has higher resolution at 1440x900 vs. 1366x768 for the Dell. It makes a big difference for me because I use mind mapping software and edit documents a lot. The extra pixels make a huge difference.
  • The Dell has a great illuminated keyboard. The action is very similar to the Air's, and the wrist rest is beveled slightly to keep the edge from cutting into my wrists. It's also comfortable to rest my hands on the soft surface, but there are drawbacks to using rubberized  plastic (see picture below).
  • The Dell looks a lot like the MacBook Air from the cover (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery), and it really is a high quality case design. It doesn't feel cheesy at all.
  • The Dell's performance has been very good. The SSD drive is fast, the machine sleeps when the lid is closed and wakes up reliably when it's opened again.
  • The power supply tip is different (thinner) than other Dells, presumably due to the slim case design. That's fine except I've already tripped over the cord once and tweaked the tip. The Magsafe design on the Mac disconnects itself when I trip and protects the socket and the tip.
  • DropBox, Evernote and GMail, along with Salesforce.com and a secure proxy to Peoplesoft mean I don't need to get on the corporate network from either machine, and I can keep all of my files in sync, working on either computer at any time.
With my performance as a ogling slob on the practice already impacting my self-image for the relax of the journey, I requested a hamburger and french fries at my resort in London, uk and began to use the Dell with oily fingertips. It was then I found the vital factor I didn't like:

The verdict: The Dell is a really awesome device - excellent experience and sufficient performance. The lifestyle cycle of battery energy is reduced than I'd like to see in real-world use, something I anticipate would only get more serious once its packed up with anti-virus, stock readers, and all of the other control *stuff* that gets put on corporate-managed PCs and eat sources. I'd also like to have an improved excellent display. Other than these 2 factors, it's a icon of wish for the Ultrabooks, and a excellent item performance by Dell. Just don't use it while consuming a hamburger.
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