Windows 8 Tablets : Born To Fail

Summary: I'm no Windows 8 fan, but I thought Windows 8 tablets had a shot of making it. But, $600 for an ARM tablet? $800 for an Atom-powered tablet!? If the prices we're seeing are accurate, these are dead tablets walking.

It's no key that I don't like Windows 8 on new or old personal computers. I really believed it might have a taken on pills though. But at these prices!? Windows RT and 8 on pills is as deceased as a spanish mackerel.

I mean seriously. Asus, a mid-range laptop computer or computer source, wants $599 for a Nvidia Tegra ARM-powerd Windows RT tablet? The Windows 8 product with an Atom processer for $799? Oh, and if you want a key pad for either one, it will price you an additional $199!?

Come on! My Nexus 7, the best product I've discovered up to now, price me $250. A completely maxed iPad 3 operates runs $829. I'll take either of those in a New You are able to instant over a Windows 8 product at those costs.

A buddy said the Windows 8 product with a key pad would be value the price since he could then use it as a complete laptop computer or computer. My reaction to him was: “Isn't that known as a laptop?” Actually with an Atom processer at its center the query should be: "Isn't that known as a netbook?" And can't I get those for thousands less? Why yes, yes I think I can.

Besides with applications such as GotoMyPC you don't need a Windows program to run your Windows applications. They'll run just excellent on a less costly Android os product or an iPad. And, of course, you can always use a cloud-based workplace package like Search engines Documents on fairly much any program.

Leaving aside my don't like for Windows 8, even if this was the best os ever, I can't see anyone purchasing them at these costs. They're just too costly for both customers and companies. In a globe where The apple company has an iron-lock on high-end pills and Android os is obtaining its place on the mid and low-ends with gadgets such as the Nexus 7 and the Amazon Amazon kindle Flame HD, I don't see anyone seeking to buy a Windows 8 or RT product at these prices.
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