What I Want To See From Apple Tomorrow

Summary: The new iPhone is almost a given, but what about a new Apple TV, Siri TV, better photo sharing, iPod touch, iPod nano with watch features, and an iPad mini?

September 12th is almost upon us. If you haven't been following the information, the next day is the day that The apple company is said / predicted to be stating the iPhone 5. While that in itself would be enough to keep every technical satisfied, I'm having out for some other goes by The apple company, too. I've specific them below:

Drag and Fall Picture giving in iCloud :
I've lately found a super-fast way to discuss my pics and vids in the reasoning. It includes using iPhoto and then pulling, losing and giving my images / movie clips using Google+. It's so easy, and is definitely something that The apple company should be doing, since it's the next sensible phase for iPhoto. Right now you can discuss to Reddit, Facebook or myspace, and with iOS 6, you can discuss Picture Sources. That appears to be excellent, but the Google+ pulling and losing and giving is easy and easy, and Apple's execution, while efficient, doesn't audio as easy and easy for the community.

New The apple company TV :
I think we can all believe the fact that The apple company TV is due for an upgrade. Don't get me incorrect, the newest edition is excellent, but it could be so much better. Using AirPlay I'm now able to perform my preferred movie games on my The apple company TV, so why not just let me run my iOS Applications DIRECTLY on the The apple company TV at this point? Also, I'm capturing 1080p movie on my iPhone. This requires FOREVER to flow to the The apple company TV--let's see some rate upgrades there, please Apple?

New TV with The apple company offerings built-in :
It's been said and then it never revealed up--now is enough time. Siri in iOS 6 is much enhanced so why not begin developing it into tvs directly. This could come by means of an The apple company TV-ish incorporation or just embedding Siri and other components inside the tv. Regardless, it's a chance to begin tease us with things we can spend vacation resources for.

New TV system relationships :
Apple TV now provides Hulu Plus subscribers. Was this just a flavor for what's to come from Apple? I'd like The apple company to create a more usable, cost-effective TV watching design. My wire expenses are increasing nowadays so there's got to be a remedy arriving.

New iPhone hardware :
There are too many gossips around this one. It will be exciting to see if The apple company goes with NFC or instead goes with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), or a combination of both. Also, will The apple company include and display off technological innovation from its latest getting AuthenTec? Will there be less sized plug, broader display, some insane new display technical, new-style earphones, etc.?

iPod touch :
If The apple company revamps the connect plug, it's an ideal probability to carry a new iPod contact to promote. This also makes a awesome lower price on the current ones, though The apple company doesn't have much competitors in the iPod contact section nowadays.

iPod nano :
With all of the competitors from Marbled and other wireless timepieces, The apple company might as well innovate a bit with the new ipod nano and come out with some upgrades to the new ipod nano that create it a "must have" for every iPhone proprietor. The Marbled and other timepieces perform with both iPhone and Android operating system, with more functions for the Android operating system individual. This is an ideal chance of The apple company to come to promote with enhanced, iPhone-only functions for the iPod new ipod nano.

iPad mini :
There's far too much buzz around the iPhone 5 for The apple company to launch an iPad small the next day. That said, one has to be in the performs, but how will it be positioned? Bob Tasks isn't around any longer to sit in a seat and tell us how we need to fit the iPad small in between the iPad and the iPhone. In all severity, I keep in thoughts when the iPad was revealed and I believed that I already have an iPhone and a MacBook, so what do I need the iPad for? After seeing Bob do his factor, I realized I "needed" one. Will Tim Prepare be able to take off that same thoughts control? 
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