Report : Most Online Opinions About iPhone 5 Were Positive ; Many Just Sarcastic

Summary: Despite some criticism about a lackluster announcement, the unveiling of Apple’s iPhone 5 still got a positive reception from many consumers, according to a new report.

Following Wednesday's statement of the iPhone 5, there was some critique that Apple organization simply modified a leading item without being innovative.

Perhaps some customers and experts are just acquainted to anticipating too much from the Cupertino, Calif.-based organization. Still, it is all but a done deal that the iPhone 5 is going to offer well. Now whether it defines a history number of revenue in a certain period of time and/or satisfies Apple's objectives depending on past releases, that continues to be to be seen after Sept 21.

But despite some problems about a deficiency of enjoyment at the statement, it would seem depending on latest numbers from public networking research company Violet Hexagon that the iPhone 5 is resonating favorably with many customers.

Based on a sample of more than 1.4 million social media posts as of September 13, here's a glance at some of the analysts' findings:
  • 38 percent of the online conversation was positive.
  • 31 percent of the sentiment was neutral.
  • 11 percent of user sentiment was negative.
  • The remaining approximately 19-20 percent of user sentiment was just humor/sarcasm about people purchasing the iPhone and the iPhone 5's features.
But transformation from good discussion to real revenue is a whole other issue as Violet Hexagon revealed only 13 % of these customers said they plan to purchase it.

This is worth evaluating to Violet Hexagon's numbers from the day before the release on Sept 11. With a example size 600,000 interactions in the mix, experts found that 41 % of the online discussion was good. Roughly 40 % was fairly neutral and 19 % was adverse.

While the distinction in overall rates is minor, it shows how high objectives are for Apple organization these days -- in addition to room for making fun of all the buzz around these item reports as well.

For referrals, the information was gathered using Violet Hexagon’s ForSight technological innovation, which the organization says has full entry to Twitter’s firehose, enabling Violet Hexagon to evaluate and obtain feeling from public interactions. The ForSight foundation is enhanced by providing individual verdict into each formula by a "teachable" criteria that is expected to evaluate and figure out the designed significance behind the terms.
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