Microsoft To Deliver Final Version Of Office 2013 RT Starting In Early November

Summary: Microsoft's Office Home & Student 2013 bundle for ARM-based Windows devices, due to begin rolling out later this year, is slightly different from its x86-based counterpart.

Ms let slide back in May that the edition of Ms Workplace 2013 that would be available to Microsoft windows RT pills and PC clients would be a "preview" test-build. In a Sept 13 writing, Ms verified that information and included a few more specifics about the Workplace House & Undergraduate 2013 RT package that will be available to those with ARM-based Microsoft windows gadgets.

Office 2013 RT won't be available for purchase as a individual item. It will be "included" with ARM-based Microsoft windows RT pills and PCs and will operate as a Pc app, significance it won't be available through the Microsoft windows Shop.

The last edition of Workplace House & Undergraduate 2013 RT will be available to clients between beginning Nov through Jan 2013, with actual moment based on terminology, Ms authorities said. Those who buy Microsoft windows RT gadgets before the ultimate is out will get the review develop, which will be modified to last for free via Microsoft windows Upgrade.

(The said launch to production time frame for the ultimate edition of Workplace 2013 for x86/x64 components is Nov 2012, with consumer/general accessibility in beginning 2013. Ms authorities still have not said when Workplace 2013 will RTM or launch.)

The Workplace 2013 RT applications -- Term, Succeed, PowerPoint and OneNote -- are very just like, but not exactly the same as their Workplace 2013 alternatives, as they had to be designed to run on ARM. Yes, they were designed on the same value platform as "regular" Workplace, but the RT applications had to be improved to fulfill the protection and battery-life conditions of ARM-based components, Ms authorities mentioned in this week's writing.

Because of these specifications on ARM, Ms is losing assistance for a number of functions with Workplace 2013 RT that will still be available iin the x86/x64 variations of Workplace 2013.

Features that won't be supported/will be limitedly supported in Office RT, listed in the "Office Next" blog post -- include:
  • Macros, add-ins, and features that rely on ActiveX controls or 3rd party code such as the PowerPoint Slide Library ActiveX control and Flash Video Playback.
  • Certain legacy features such as playing older media formats in PowerPoint (upgrade to modern formats and they will play) and editing equations written in Equation Editor 3.0, which was used in older versions of Office (viewing works fine).
  • Certain email sending features, since Windows RT does not support Outlook or other desktop mail applications (opening a mail app, such as the mail app that comes with Windows RT devices, and inserting your Office content works fine).
  • Creating a Data Model in Excel 2013 RT (PivotTables, QueryTables, Pivot Charts work fine).
  • Recording narrations in PowerPoint 2013 RT.
  • Searching embedded audio/video files, recording audio/video notes, and importing from an attached scanner with OneNote 2013 RT (inserting audio/video notes or scanned images from another program works fine).
Microsoft officials said to expect a more detailed release schedule for Office 2013 RT on October 26, which is the day Windows 8 and Windows RT devices will be available at retail.
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