Microsoft Readies Office 2010 To Office 2013 Upgrade Program

Summary: Microsoft is said to be prepping to launch its latest Office upgrade offer this fall, and give qualifying users a choice of different Office versions to which they can move.

Just like it does with Windows, Microsoft typically offers its Office customers an upgrade guarantee program, allowing them to buy the current version of a product with a free or discounted upgrade to the next one being part of the package.

One of my connections said the Office 2013 update assurance will begin in about a month's time -- specifically on Oct 19. If this is correct, customers buying Office 2010 between that date and the end of the protected interval (which my same get in touch with said is Apr 30, 2013) will get some kind of assured update to Office 2013 once it is usually available.

Microsoft authorities have not distributed public assistance as to Office 2013's organized release-to-manufacturing (RTM) or common accessibility schedules. My resources have heard that the RTM focus on is Nov 2012, with common accessibility scheduled for Feb 2013. (Those with TechNet/MSDN and volume-licensing contracts would likely get the final pieces soon after they RTM.)

Microsoft provided the Office 2010 technical assurance system for those buying Office 2007 as of Goal 2010. The interval of coverage was seven months, approximately the same interval the Office 2013 technical assurance apparently will last.

The Office 2010 technical assurance update system was no cost. It's unidentified whether the Office 2013 one will be, as well. If Office follows Windows' lead, it may not be. Ms declared it will be asking for those who buy Ms windows seven PCs between May 2 and Jan 31, 2013, $14.99 to obtain an update to Ms windows 8 Pro once it is usually available. The Ms windows Windows vista update system before this was no cost.

My get in touch with sent me a couple of display injections of what purportedly showed up temporarily on the page (which is not currently available), which I have involved below. 
It seems to be the update provide for Office will be for Ms windows customers who buy Office 2010 Home & University student, Home & Business 2010, Professional 2010 or School 2010 and Mac customers who buy School 2011 or Home & University student 2011 between Oct 19 and Apr 30, 2013. Ms windows customers who buy these SKUs will have a choice of improving to Office 365 Home Top quality (which is currently one of the new Office variations that is being try out tested) or Office 2013 SKUs that are more much like what's out there already. 
The data above reveals some of the variations between Office 365 Home Top quality and these more conventional Office 2013 produces. Office 365 Home Top quality can be set up on up to five PCs and/or Apples and is certified to a user as a one-year registration, which will need to be restored to continue utilization. The more conventional Office 2013 SKUs can be set up on only one Ms windows PC with a non-transferrable certificate. (The Office for School and Mac Home & University student customers will have the option to update to Office 365 Home Top quality only.)

I am not sure whether these Office improvements will be no cost, but given there's no noticeable price on these display injections, I'd say there's a chance.

I've requested Ms for thoughts on the details and schedules of the coming Office update system but have yet to listen to back.
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